[WATCH] Ellen DeGeneres Kills Boredom While In Quarantine With THIS!

Roughly a few days after the public heeds on the government and health sector's call to stay at home to avoid catching coronavirus, some people are already losing their sanity from being locked up inside their homes.

During the first few days, people are delighted to finally get some time to do their much-needed decluttering, home reorganizing, catching up on TV series and shows, reading new books, and getting all the sleep that they missed for the past years.

But slowly going into a week of home quarantine also means one thing: boredom. Since most of the cities implemented a lockdown, recreation places like the mall, gym, and club are closed and people have no choice but to stay at home.

Just like many of us, Ellen DeGeneres is bored AF spending 24 hours inside the house. On Monday, the 62-year-old TV host took to Twitter to share what she and his wife Portia de Rossi has been doing while on quarantine.

"Portia and I have watched every single thing on Netflix, and are just about done reading the entire internet," Ellen wrote.

"We played "Heads Up!" for 16 hours. Obviously, I won. Today, I'm gonna do my show for her and pretend to interview @Cher," she added before asking her followers how they are doing.

Don't Be Puzzled; Do That Puzzle

Now that Ellen is done watching "every single thing" on the streaming channel, the host started feeding his social media followers the hilarious ways on how she deals with boredom at home.

First, she opened a 4,000-piece puzzle gifted by a friend. She said it would surely keep her busy for at least an hour since she is very good at doing puzzles. But after realizing that the entire puzzle could not fit their table and just merely turning over each puzzle piece already took her an hour, Ellen eventually gave up and said it was a waste of time.

Ellen also tried to kill time by hitting her massive home gym while watching no other than her very own talk show, which she described as something that "eases people's anxiety."

Call A Friend

Two days after Ellen's failed attempt to put a 4,000-piece puzzle together, she got nothing left to do. So she just lounged in the living room and started calling random friends.

But in true Ellen DeGeneres fashion, these are not just ordinary friends and instead are the top-billed celebrities in the industry.

While lying lousy on her couch wearing a sweatshirt, pajama and socks, Ellen called singer Justin Timberlake and asked him how he's doing, to which the singer replied: "Nothing."

Justin's wife, Jessica Biel, also greeted the TV host and eventually ended the phone call since they have nothing to talk about.

Still trying to kill the boredom, Ellen called John Legend, who was also practicing home quarantine with his wife Chrissy Teigan and their kid, Miles.

"So you have kids. I wish I have kids right now; I'm so bored," Ellen said.

The award-winning TV host also called Maroon 5's frontman Adam Levine and greet him a happy birthday.


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