Wendy Williams Chose To Spread Negativity on Her YouTube Show While in Quarantine

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is bored. She cannot go to work, so she launched her own Youtube show, Wendy @ Home. However, she just shows that she's not using the quarantine period to lie low a bit from bashing celebrities and commenting on things she does not like.

Williams has always been quite vocal with her opinions, and she's not changing herself just because people are now panicking over a dreaded virus and wondering what will happen in the future. Instead, on the very first episode of her online show, she chose to criticize Lamar Odom and his fiancee, Sabrina Parr. The two have an upcoming reality show, which will be in the digital format and while some fans are naturally excited about it, Williams does not see the point of the series happening.

And she did not keep that opinion to herself.

On YouTube, Williams said the couple's show, slated to air in Spring 2020, is likely to go bust. For her, nobody really cares about the couple, enough to want to watch them on a reality series. "Lamar and Sabrina, nobody care's about y'all's relationship," Williams said. 

She did not stop there. She also explained her stance about the show by saying both Sabrina and Lamar have their issues, individually. "Sabrina is a life coach, but she's got a whole bunch of arrest pictures at the police precinct," Williams said. 

She then said Lamar's a sex addict and implied how incredulous she finds the statement of Odom and Parr that they do not want to have sex until they're married.

Looks like she's not going to play nice just because she's doing the show at the comfort of her own home! 

Williams has always been fearless and reckless anyway. Just recently, when it was announced that her show would be put on hold, alongside all other shows in the studio because of the coronavirus pandemic, Williams said she suggested that she can still work and risk getting the disease. 

She shared that she told management that she could do her show even without a live audience. She just needs one camera and a flashlight, and she's good to go. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), the management did not agree and opted to prioritize her health and safety.

Neither Odom nor Parr's camp had anything to say back to what Williams shared on her YouTube show though. Either they did not hear about it, or they could not care less.

The two are quite the lovebirds, after all. According to Hollywood Life, Parr even served as Odom's main source of strength when he feels unbelievably sad about Kobe Bryant's death. Bryant is a close friend and colleague. They both played for Lakers between 2004 and 2011. When Bryant died, Odom was very down, and Parr made sure to do everything in her power to cheer her fiancé up.

It remains to be seen, however, if what Williams said is true. In a few weeks' time, Odom and Parr's show will be arriving, and it can already be confirmed if people care or do not care about their relationship. 

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