Who knew Danielle Bregoli, popularly known as "Bhad Bhabie," is friends with teen pop sensation Billie Eilish?

However, their friendship may be on the rocks.

On Sunday, when the rapper went on Instagram Live, fans asked if she was still friends with the Grammy-award winning singer.

Bhad Bhabie claimed that fame changed the "When The Party's Over" hitmaker as she allegedly left her friends behind.

She said that Eilish had ghosted her, telling her fans, "I think I'm friends with Billie. I don't know if Billie is my friend. Every time I DM her and give her my number, she doesn't text me."

The 17-year-old further added that it's common for famous people to do that, saying, "I guess that's what happens when b----es get famous. It could be like that. I'm not tripping."

She concluded, "I know who my real friends are."


The Dr. Phil star also revealed that they became friends after the death of their mutual friend, XXXTentacion in 2018.

According to the "Cash Me Outside" trendsetter, she and Eilish just "linked up."

"We both just lost him. We just sat and listened to his music all day and cried."

Speaking to Billboard in 2019, Bregoli said of the "Bad Guy" hitmaker, "I love her as a person, she's just so real. I love her so much. I feel like I can be real around her, and she's not gonna judge me."

Bhad Bhabie also recalled going to Wingstop with the singer, and when asked if the duo had any plans of collaborating on a song, Bregoli said, "I'm sure we will eventually. It's just when the time is right."

Billie Eilish hasn't responded to the television personality yet after calling her out on Instagram.

However, it is worth noting that the "Bury a Friend" performer admitted that she doesn't look at her Instagram comments at all.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, Eilish explained that reading these comments was a practice that was ruining her life and just stopped doing it.

"I stopped reading comments fully because it was running my life. It's weird. The cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you. It's crazy."

It seems that Eilish may be extremely busy these days as well, breaking records at the Grammy's, performing on live streams for charities, and of course, recording the theme for the upcoming "Bond" movie, "No Time to Die."

However, she was in hot water recently for allegedly mocking former One Direction band member, Louis Tomlinson, which prompted the hashtag, #BillieEilishIsOverPARTY.

She was recently criticized for a mem that went viral on social media.

It all started after the singer liked an Instagram post that showed a video of Tomlinson and former 1D band member Zayn Malik, "When you move, and the Snapchat filter disappears," said the post, which negatively compared Malik's physical looks with Tomlinson.

Directioners' reactions were fast, and they considered that Eilish acted disrespectfully.

Eilish once suffered from body dysmorphia due to self-esteem problems and had protested against body stereotypes and defended the way they dress. Still, it was reportedly hypocritical for her to support this kind of meme.

Opinions were divided. Some said that Eilish shouldn't like posts like that, while some said people are just exaggerating about one meme.

On the other hand, Louis Tomlinson doesn't seem to mind. He just tweeted out, "Hope everyone's doing alright and staying safe. Sending loads of love."

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