Wendy Williams Called a Lunatic For Sharing How Coronavirus Is Personally Affecting Her

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is starting to get into people's skin, but it does not appear that she really cares. Amid all the anxiety and worries people have over the coronavirus crisis, Williams said something so shallow that people cannot resist but bash her.

The vocal talk show host received intense backlash when she shared that the coronavirus crisis led to the temporary suspension of "The Wendy Williams Show." Not because she was saddened by this though. After all, most shows have been suspended in the meantime, while other talk shows are changed to a different format. 

The issue however is when Williams sat down with Dr. Oz on March 20 to discuss how the virus is personally affecting her. Instead of sharing something people could relate to or find meaningful, the host revealed that the COVID-19 disease has gotten into her way to getting her breast surgery. 

She shared that while she wholeheartedly supports the health system in focusing on fighting the virus but this does not mean she's happy she would be stuck with "saggy boobs" for a while.

"It's just that, as a surgery girl, when you save your money and you've been planning for years, and then you have your appointment and all of a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs," she said. Williams then even included Dr. Oz into the conversation nobody wants to have. She asked him how much longer before she can get them to be pulled back up, or in other words, when will the crisis end so she can have her surgery already. 

Dr. Oz said that he felt it would not until another couple of months. The cardio-thoracic said that he has high hopes that in eight weeks, the worst of the pandemic will be over.

Of course, viewers would not let Williams' comment get away. Joking or not, fans do not think she deserves not to be called out. They took to their social media accounts and called her a lunatic for even being that shallow. Some also mocked her physical appearance as a result.

One Twitter user wrote "That's what you're complaining about? #lunatic." Another said, "Since when do mannequins have to worry about saggy boobs?"

The surgery comment was not the only outrageous thing she said on that interview. But this one certainly caught the ire of many.  

On this interview, she also said she even told management that she's willing to risk coronavirus just to get back to work. She also claimed that she would not be having sex with her boyfriend during the quarantine period for safety purposes. Wendy Williams have an outlandish behavior so these are not that surprising but her boob surgery story certainly did not sit well with many, especially those who are truly scared of what is presently happening already. 

At present, she turned that restless energy into something productive by having her own YouTube show. On the first episode though, she already shaded Lamar Odom and his fiancee, as well as their upcoming reality show. 

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