Kate Middleton Jealous of Sister Pippa Middleton, Almost Did Not Marry Prince William!

New reports have resurfaced on some old news about Kate Middleton. According to experts, Prince William's wife was actually jealous of her sister, Pippa Middleton for such a long time. This, in spite the fact that her sister was the one who made it possible for Kate Middleton to marry Prince William.

Unbeknownst to many, Kate Middleton and Prince William nearly broke up for good. Back in 2007, the two had such a row about lack of time for each other that they decided to split their ways. 

With Prince William stationed several hours farther from London, it was not possible for him to see Kate even if he wanted to. Ultimately, they just decided to break up.

Had that split became permanent and the two became used to not being on each other's lives, then the royal palace right now would not have three adorable children. 

But Pippa Middleton did not allow that to happen. Kate, hurting from the breakup, went to Ireland to try and recover. When she returned to London, it was apparent that her spirits are not yet back. Pippa as a result moved in with Kate in her Chelsea flat and cheered her up. 

Instead of just moping, the two hit the town all the time, partying and getting the attention of paparazzi. Kate was snapped wearing sexy outfits or outfits too risque for her usual taste. The photos however reached Prince William and are said to be the trigger for him to reconcile with Kate. 

Even though Pippa and Kate had a really close relationship, a royal reporter had revealed that this is hardly the case before. According to  Emma Cowing, the Duchess of Cambridge was jealous of her younger sister before she got married  to William and her whole life changed. Writing in the Scotsman, Ms Cowing made the observation that, "There is, allegedly, some jealousy between the pair. Kate was always quite jealous of Pippa."

She added, "I sensed that she feared being eclipsed by her because Pippa has more natural effervescence, she is socially much more at ease and was always popular with everyone, especially (brother) James' friends."

If this observation is true, it is fortunate to say that it is no longer the case. In fact, she probably need to be more grateful. 

Some reports have it that being the siblings of Kate Middleton has become quite a sacrifice. Pippa and James Middleton reportedly claimed that ever since Kate joined the royals, their lives too, have changed. They started to live under the scrutiny of the harsh media as well, even if they are not members of the palace.

Some embarrassing photos of the two have been posted online and several malicious reports of them two have spread.  James was even labeled as the drunk party-loving brother of the Duchess. 

Probably the most hurtful are the reports that say Pippa and James are cashing in on the family name. James launched some business in the past and instead of being praised, he was labeled as a user. Pippa on the other hand was labeled a "socialite."  

All these ruckus have not been confirmed as creating bad blood among them three, though.

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