Vogue Editor Anna Wintour Breaks Down Over Doctor Son's Hard Coronavirus Fight: 'He's Ill!'

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour's son, who is a doctor, has also been affected by the dreaded coronavirus. Being a frontliner, it is not surprising that he was exposed. The editor, while worried, is also proud of her son. 

On her part, Wintour is doing her best to contribute to the fight against coronavirus. In a video of the Vogue's Instagram account shared on April 6, the enigmatic editor, who is now already 70, can be seen in her signature sunglasses looking as fashionable as ever. 

However, she did not make the video to talk or discuss fashion, at least not directly. Instead, the revered editor-in-chief shared that she and Tom Ford had created a new fund called the "Common Thread" to help those in the fashion industry affected by the pandemic. A lot of fashion stores that were thriving in the past suddenly found their sales plummeting to zero as the majority of the world is in lockdown. No one is spared on this pandemic, after all. 

As a result, many are struggling to make their payroll, experiencing returned orders, and worrying about their financial future. Many are starting to think that their businesses will ultimately fail because of what is happening. 

Wintour's announcement is certainly a positive one, made more remarkable by the fact that she is personally experiencing a crisis of her own. In the video, after announcing the generous fund, her voice became shaky when she talked about her 35-year-old-son, Charles Shaffer. He's a doctor in an ICU based in New York, and he has certainly been exposed to what people had been avoiding. 

"My son is a doctor," Wintour shared. "He is currently quite ill and self-quarantining at home."  The editor's fingers also started to fidget upon saying this, an obvious sign of her distress. It's not clear if her son tested positive for the virus, but the editor said that once he is better, he'll be returning to work.

After getting ahold of her emotions, the mom said she's very proud of her son. She also she's grateful for other medical professionals who are doing the brunt work of this crisis while people isolate and stay safe in their respective homes.

This is not the first thing that Wintour became quite melancholic. On April 6, she also penned something on Vogue, detailing what she's grateful for in these dark times. It's a nice piece; something people need to read in a time where being grateful is actually hard to do. 

According to her, she's moved by philanthropic actions in the fashion community and the incredible support that "A Common Thread" has been getting. She's also grateful that her granddaughter was able to celebrate her third birthday party happily, albeit in a virtual party only. People "zoomed" in and out, and it was precious for her to see her granddaughter so happy.

She also said she's grateful for the governor of New York for his honesty during this period. He's a far cry from President Trump, she shared, who loved to sugarcoat everything and even lie about things, she implied. 

Check out her emotional IG post below:


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