Meghan Markle and Angelina Jolie Have THIS Unique Connection, Source Says

Meghan Markle wants Angelina Jolie as a mentor. Not just for her to be a great actress apparently, but as a great charity person too. Reportedly, they have a mutual connection. 

According to a new report, the Duchess of Sussex has her mind set on having a better relationship with Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie. Allegedly, she's looking to expand her role as a narrator on the Disney project, "Elephant." Her main strategy involves rubbing elbows with Oscar-winning actress and activist Angelina Jolie and getting her to provide some valuable acting skills.

According to New Media, Markle has always been a fan of the actress and humanitarian. Her admiration for Brad Pitt's ex-wife is similar to her adoration of Princess Diana, 

"Meghan has so much respect for Ange and everything she's achieved on a personal level as well as professionally," the source explained. "Her work for good causes and the UN speaks for itself, but Meghan marvels at how Angelina's managed to balance this with a thriving box office career and raising six kids," the source added. 

The source added that the feeling is mutual and would welcome a closer relationship with Markle. She sees Markle as a possible friend she can relate to in Los Angeles, something she's been wanting for a while now. Meghan allegedly represents the best choice for this by a long way, the source said. 

The source claimed that the two already met more than once and have experienced an "intellectual connection." 

Jolie is a good choice if Markle wants to improve her craft further, particularly if she's looking into more Disney projects. Jolie recently starred in a Disney film, Maleficent 2. Before that, the first very successful Maleficent movie. 

Maybe Angelina Jolie can teach her about remaining steadfast against rude comments and bashing as well. Talks of reviving her Hollywood career have been circulating since Megxit was announced, or even before. But now that the world is in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, her ambitions have become worthy of criticisms left and right. 

The most recent criticisms she and her husband Harry got were because they even left the UK at this time. Different critics, most recently being the former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney, claimed what they did was heartless, pointless, and just selfish. Daubney said that their decision to leave is akin to cutting the umbilical cord from the Royal family at Britain's "darkest hour." 

He said that if they did not leave, they could be lending time and effort to their country. However, they are off to Malibu and looking for professional careers at this crazy time. They may be entitled to do that, but that does not mean it makes sense, he implied. 

When they announced their new charity, "Archewell," they were also bashed for it because they did so at a time when PM Boris Johnson was transferred to the ICU for his coronavirus battle. It was even dubbed a mere vanity project that revealed how detached they are from reality. Some said they should have simply waited!

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