Sarah Hyland Optimistic About Post 'Modern Family' Life: Marriage FIRST Before Next Big Project

Sarah Hyland is ready for the next chapter of her life now. After playing Haley Dunphy on ABC's Modern Family for a total of 11 years, she's optimistic that life after the show will just be better and bigger!

Marriage is certainly on the cards for her she says, and if lucky, her own show too.

On April 8, the ABC sitcom "Modern Family" officially said goodbye to their fans after running for a total of 11 years. Hyland technically grew up on that set, since she started the show when she just 18. 

Now at 29, she's still as optimistic and bright-eyed as she was when the show started. According to a source close to the actress, the show ending is not bothering her. In fact, she'd been ready for it for quite some time and thinks that everything from now will be peachy. She will just take some time off and treat herself before doing more things that can make her happy.  

"Sarah thinks it is the sky's the limit for her career after Modern Family. She is enjoying her time off, she is certainly well off financially and doesn't have to work again, but she wants to star in her own shows and do movies that make her happy," the source revealed to Hollywood Life.

Her priority right now is her health and personal well-being. The source revealed that she wants to get married first before diving into another show. 

Hyland reportedly did not expect "Modern Family" to become that big and successful, and she's thankful. She also believes that whatever happens now after the show has ended will be a blessing. The source added that the actress is looking to surprise people on what she will do next. 

Another source admired the fact that the show ran for a total of 11 years, which gave the young actress a steady HUGE income. More than the money though, the source said that the whole cast of the show has truly become one family, which is what makes the whole experience all the more special for Hyland. 

The fact that Hyland said she could not relate to her character at all and yet she pulled it off so well is a testimony of her acting abilities. Hours before the series finale, she shared in a Glamour essay that she could not relate to her hot-girl character and instead, resonated more with Haley Dunphy's mother, Claire. 

She is also personally enamored with the actress who played Claire, Julie Bowen. Hyland wrote that for all these years, Bowen had been like a mother to her. She also said she's one of the most opinionated and strongest women she had ever met. She also revealed that Bowen taught her how to be opinionated with tact because she personally has no filter and cannot keep her mouth shut. Bowen's brain just fascinates her.

On her social media account these days, however, the actress said her only priority is keeping herself safe and healthy. Her immune system is not that great, so she's not taking chances at this time of covid-19. She wants to learn French and take some bike lessons after though. 


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