Instead of helping out Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ultimately failed to bring the best out of him and only caused "disastrous" effects on the royal prince.

After Prince Harry and Meghan officially left their senior royal positions, the couple can no longer get the same approval and support that they used to have.

However, experts believe that the Duke of Sussex has been the one most affected by the move, most especially since he seems to be a different person now in everyone's eyes.

In a news clip released by Sky News Australia, Outsider host Rowan Dean shared how Prince Harry looked like he completely lost his head "to this particular Sheila." He mentioned how the Duke chose to give up his royal privileges in exchange for the "disastrous" life that Meghan gave him in the U.S.A.

Dean's statement came after Harry and Meghan reportedly banned four U.K-based tabloids, writing them letters to tell that they will never give them interviews.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex pledged that they will no longer engage themselves with the British tabloid medi, specifically The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and Daily Express.

"It is gravely concerning that an influential slice of the media, over many years, has sought to insulate themselves from taking accountability for what they say or print - even when they know it to be distorted, false, or invasive beyond reason," the royal couple said in their statement.

Because of this, the television presenter wasn't able to hold back and lambasted Meghan for what she has done to the previously dutiful Prince Harry.

"These two are just a shambles," Dean exclaimed. "Clearly, Meghan has had just a disastrous effect on Harry -- who was go back six or seven years ago -- was terrific".

He added that Meghan, who is famous for her former role in "Suits," always craves publicity and it is impossible that she does not want any attention from the press. However, with the Sussexes' move, they are risking going against the whole media industry.

"My prediction remains, in five years' time you won't even remember who they are," the broadcaster went on.

For instance, Valentine Low, the Times of London's royal correspondent, also uttered the same statement. He previously compared Harry and Meghan with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who eventually became unimportant people after the Duke renounced the throne.

Meanwhile, Dean's fellow panelist and The West Australian's host Jenna Clarke told Sky News reporter Paul Murray that the royal couple is disgusting. She also said that she feels ashamed to know that Harry and Meghan were once part of the great commonwealth.

Viewers Reacted!

In 24 hours, the news clip reached over 270,000 viewers, and most of them let out their opinions about the newest issue.

One viewer said, ""Easy fix, stop talking about them stop writing about them, then see how they react to that."

"Without the media, they don't exist," another one wrote.

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