Jordyn Woods has moved on from the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Now, it seems she wants to rebuild what was destroyed due to the issue: her relationship with ex-BFF Kylie Jenner.

Feeling Nostalgic

Jordyn recently posted a throwback bikini photo. It was taken during a special trip she took with Kylie for Stormi's first birthday. Back then, everything was okay between them, until Jordyn got involved with Thompson

The 22-year-old heiress posted the throwback photo on Thursday, April 23. In the caption, she wrote, "imissyouandiloveyou." It came with a fish, crab, and bird emoji -- seemingly to represent the tropical location where the photo was taken. 

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imissyouandiloveyou A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on Apr 22, 2020 at 5:53pm PDT


While she did not specify for whom the message was, eagle-eyed fans were quick to come up with their own theories. Several of them pointed out when the photo was taken. It was back in January 2019 when Jordyn and her former best friend went on a special trip to celebrate Stormi's special day. 

The photo sparked discussions on the comments section of the said post, with some asking if she really misses Kylie.

One fan (@serixneah) wrote, "Do you miss Kylie?"

Another one (@eyesthroughadreamer) asked if Jordyn was trying to send a coded message to the Kylie Cosmetics founder. 

On the other hand, another user responded and said that maybe the cryptic message was for Stormi, with whom Jordyn had a close relationship with. 

"She misses Stormi, her god baby," @nissatearhoa suggested.

Did Jordyn Woods just post a cryptic message for Kylie? Does she want to reunite with former friend Kylie Jenner again?

A Beautiful Memory

Jordyn looked absolutely gorgeous in the vacation photo she posted. "The Masked Singer" contestant showed off her well-toned body and flaunted those natural curves in a fitted beige two-piece swimsuit.

With beautiful scenery to match, the influencer completed the look with a pair of white sunglasses, chunky wooden earrings, and some bohemian rings. She was definitely ready for the blue skies, palm trees, and the white sand beach. 

Jordyn looked so happy in the photo. Though Kylie was not in it, fans were quick to say that Jordyn had that content look because it was Kylie who took the photo. 

In a previous posting of the photo on January 20, 2019, Jordyn originally wrote in the caption, "Until I see you again."

The End Of Friendship

Just four weeks after the wonderful photos were taken in a paradise island, the friendship of Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner was ripped apart by the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Though Jordyn did apologize for the kiss she shared with Tristan, their friendship came to an end just like that. 

During her interview with Jada Pinkett Smith for her "Red Table Talk," Jordyn tearfully said that she would never hurt anyone intentionally. 

"I'm no home-wrecker," Jordyn said dramatically. 

"I would never try to hurt someone's home, especially someone that I love, and someone who has a beautiful daughter. I never tried to steal someone's man."

In the same show, Woods submitted herself to a lie detector test. It is with great hope that everyone would believe that she was telling the truth about the scandal. 

Now, will this new message get to Kylie?

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