Kanye West Leaves Kim Kardashian, Gives Her A Break -- For A Reason

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and his kids left their home to go to Wyoming. This was his way of giving his wife Kim Kardashian her much-needed break. 

A Mom's Quiet Time

While Kim Kardashian may look like a superwoman, juggling a lot of responsibilities altogether, the mom of four needed her break, too.

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star continues to study for law school, manage various businesses, and raise four kids all at the same time. 

While Kim is a picture of a strong and independent woman, she is like every other mom out there. She could use a break and her husband, Kanye West, was all too willing to give her what she needed. 

Last week, the rapper decided to give his wife the quiet time she needed. He packed up his things with all four kids in tow and left for Wyoming. Kanye went on a three-day trip with all his children. 

His wife, Kim, was able to stay at home and focus on herself. "They needed a change of scene and he wanted to give Kim a break from the chaos at home. Having all four kids at home all the time can be a lot," a source told E! News.

The source emphasized that the break was not just for Kim, but also for the kids as concerns over the coronavirus pandemic continue to grow. 

Kim is studying and working very hard, too. She and Kanye take turns working and watching the kids. They are both busy and making sure to give each other breaks.

Kanye gave his wife the best three days all to herself. Now, Kim is ready to take on more and get back to her motherly duties. After all, raising four young children could drain the life out of anyone, including a Kardashian. 

The Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged everyone's norms. In particular, parents all over the world would agree that keeping the kids in a tight schedule isn't possible all the time. 

While all their work-related activities put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, both Kim and Kanye are challenged by having all four kids at home.

"It's a constant shuffle between schoolwork and keeping them all entertained and busy," another E! News source shared. 

The source added that it has been a struggle for the couple, but they are trying to pull through. "Everyone is chipping in and trying to do their part while balancing their work. It's a crazy hectic time and they are trying to find ways to make it work for the family."

On the other hand, Kim opened up about how a typical day in their household was like in her latest interview with "Vogue" magazine

"We're in the theater room. That's the place that has gotten the most use lately," Kim said. 

"The whole family has spent the last few nights in there after the kids made it into a fort, with, like, different beds all over the floor."

Meanwhile, as the Kardashian sisters are following the social distancing protocol, they have found ways to still communicate with each other -- thanks to several applications like Facetime, Zoom, and a lot more. 

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