In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been forced to take their work home. While practicing self-isolation, staying in has officially become the new norm for almost everyone. 

While working from home has its challenges, it does provide people with the comfort of being in their lounge clothes all day long. One doesn't have to endure the long lines in the train during rush hour or carry that heavy bag while walking around the city after work. 

The biggest benefit of work from home though? The fact that most, if not all, are not required to dress up formally while working! Heck, one can even not take a shower before and after working -- although that sounds really filthy.

Dressing up for work these days are no longer that uptight, and you can pick anything that is comfortable yet energizing. However, that doesn't mean you cannot be fashionable while being comfortable!

With that said, we put out a list of five casual pajamas in Amazon that you can lounge in while woking at home. Wear it all day long without a fuss. 

AMiERY Women's Comfy Casual Pajama Pants Floral Print

These pants are made from 85% polyester and 15% cotton materials, giving you that stretchy material for your everyday comfort.

These drawstring pants are called by many names, but they all pinpoint to one comfortable pair of lounge pants suited for work at home. It comes with an elastic waist so it fits all shapes and sizes. The wide leg and drawstring make them even more comfortable to wear.

Plus, the floral prints are too lovely to resist!

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Lounge

These pants are super lightweight as they are made with cotton.

Everyday work is made even better with this pair of terry cotton pants. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also allow your legs to get some air. They come in a variety of colors as well, so take your pick. 

Mae Women's Loungewear Supersoft

These casual cropped-style pants are the perfect companion to your work at home tasks. With its elastic waistband, you can work around the house while completing tasks for the office.

In fact, you can directly engage in your daily exercise routine with these pants on. It comes with side pockets, too, in case you need to make a quick run to the grocery or the pharmacy. 

Daily Ritual Women's Terry Cotton 

This soft French Terry is blended with modal pairs perfectly made for your lounge pants needs. It comes with a straight leg design while its cropped length makes it the perfect cut for your everyday work-from-home needs.

This pair of pants can be worn best with any t-shirt and you can work comfortably while at home. It comes in a wide range of sizes to choose from. 

Women's Lightweight Lounge Terry Jogger Pajama

This easy-to-wash pants is just what you need to make your work-from-home life so much easier.

It is stylish and comfortable and comes in a wide variety of daily colors that inspire you to feel breezy. Everyday work is made even better with these pants that ensure quality, style, and comfort all at the same time. 

The solution to the quarantine dilemma amid the world health crisis is easy: choose to wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Give yourself the boost that you need to get through the daily grind while taking care of everything else at home. 

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