Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to be followed by paparazzi wherever they go since they moved to Los Angeles.

Now, as the power couple think of ways how they could get around the city without the paparazzi on their tail, they got some unsolicted expert advice. 

The Perfect Advice

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could surely use some help when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi. Luckily, Lindsay Lohan has the perfect advice for the lovely couple. 

During her interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show "Radio Andy," the host said that Harry and Meghan have moved to Malibu, an area where there's a ton of paparazzi on the loose. 

While he was at it, Cohen asked Lohan if she has some advice for the royal couple when it comes to dealing with the paparazzi. It spurred some laughter from the actress.

"It's just really hard to do anything publicly [there]," Lohan said. 

However, Lohan also pointed out that if the royal couple is trying to settle down in their new home in Malibu, now is a perfect time as everyone is practicing social distancing. 

"The timing right now luckily is everyone is more at home," she said. "But, once that's over...just...get drivers."

If there is anyone who knows how to avoid the paparazzi, it's definitely the "Mean Girls" actress. After all, there was a time when the 33-year-old songstress could not escape the paparazzi. They were everywhere she turned. 

While the actress may have retreated from the eyes of the public, she has not completely forgotten what it was like to live the celebrity life in California

The New Life

Last Month, E! News confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have relocated to a large home in Los Angeles. Since then, they have publicly announced their new charitable endeavor, the Archewell Foundation. 

The couple has put that project "on hold" at the moment as they want to focus their attention on the coronavirus pandemic. The world-famous couple was recently spotted around downtown L.A. trying to subtly deliver meals to chosen Los Angeles residents. 

"Meghan and Harry were looking to be of service on Easter and Meghan was talking to her mother who told her Project Angel Food needs help. She said, 'Yes, I would love to do it,'" Richard Ayoub, executive director of Project Angel Food, told E! News.

He added that the royal couple was very interested in sending help to the most vulnerable members of the community. 

"They contacted us and came in and we gave them a tour of the kitchen. They were very engaged with everyone they met and asked questions. They were completely down to earth and interested in helping our more vulnerable clients, people who have compromised immune systems who are the most prone to getting the coronavirus," Ayoub furthered

Ayoub also shared that he only told Harry and Meghan of the basic protocols in terms of wearing mask, gloves and the right social distance to keep. 

"So, they went out and knocked on doorsteps wearing N95 masks and gloves," the PAF exec shared.  "They were pretty covered up so some of the people they delivered to may not have had any idea who they were. We did get one call yesterday from someone who said, 'It just dawned on me. Was that who I think it was?'"

Harry and Meghan are trying to ease themselves in their new community. And while the paparazzi may be all over them, needless to say, the help they extended at this difficult time is truly appreciated. 

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