Royal Pressure: Jeffrey Epstein's Victims Demanding TRUTH From Prince Andrew

Even after quitting his royal duties due to his scandalous association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew is still being haunted by the horrors of such friendship until now. 

In the recent development of the case linking the Duke of York to the now-deceased sex offender, victims of Jeffrey Epstein are now demanding to look into the details of communication between the estranged friends. 

In the hopes of shedding light on Prince Andrew's sex trafficking involvement, victims are now pressuring the court to seek documents showing the detailed texts, emails, and calls between the two. 

Based on the documents obtained by a U.K. news outlet, the lawyers of Epstein's victims would like to see the detailed communication to know if the 60-year-old Prince had "engaged in any sexual act while at any of Jeffrey Epstein's property."

These latest demands were done on behalf of an alleged victim, only identified as "Priscilla Doe."

Doe claims that when she was still 20 years of age, Epstein forced her to give sexual favors to his rich friends in exchange for help that will favor her dancing career.

The new court request will also cover the time when the Duke is accused of sleeping with Epstein teenage sex slave Virginia Roberts Guiffre. 

Although Prince Andrew repeatedly denied the claims, the victims are still demanding the details of the contact done when Epstein attended parties at Windsor Castle and the royal family's Sandringham estate homes. 

As of writing, Andrew's spokesperson declined to comment on the latest development of the case.

Some people fear that looking into the details of this information might incriminate Queen Elizabeth II's son. A friend of Andrew said that this new move is only a "cynical attempt by U.S. law firms to keep their case in the public eye."

Prince Andrew Snubbing The FBI

Last month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that they are still having a hard time getting the full cooperation of Prince Andrew in the probe of Epstein's case.

U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman said that despite the Duke of York's press release to cooperate with the investigation fully, the Prince has "completely shut the door" on giving his voluntary cooperation.

According to reports, Prince Andrew's lack of cooperation is not only based on his own decision, as he was merely persuaded not to work hand-in-hand with the investigating body. 

It turns out that Queen Elizabeth II's son has been connected to Epstein's alleged pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, and she convinced the Duke to completely snub the authorities saying that it will not do him any good. 

Controversial BBC Interview

In November 2019, Prince Andrew tried to come clean through a BBC interview that eventually backfired on him. 

During his interview with Emily Maitlis at the Newsnight, the Prince honestly said that he did not regret his friendship with Epstein. 

He also denied Virginia Roberts claims that they slept together. He also expressed doubt on the authenticity of the infamous photograph where he was seen all arms around Virginia and fellow sex slave Ghislaine Maxwell in Epstein's London home in 2001. 

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