Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding is one of the dreamiest weddings of all -- it was like a fairytale and the couple was the perfect Prince and Princess in character. 

Nine years and three children later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is still one of the most looked-after royal couples in history, not only for their honorable works but also for their undying love and affection for each other. 

After years of marriage, a royal correspondent revealed Queen Elizabeth II's true feelings about the romantic royal wedding in 2011. 

Rejoicing For Kate And William

According to Victoria Murphy, Prince William's grandmother was very delighted with their union and was in full high spirits during the special day. 

"The deafening cheers greeting the newlyweds as they stepped on to the balcony at Buckingham Palace spoke far louder than words," Murphy said. 

"Nothing could have told the Queen more clearly how important Kate Middleton was going to be to the Royal Family."

The royal expert said that Prince William's wedding to a commoner inspired the 2 billion people who witnessed the ceremony worldwide. A royal courtier also revealed how the Queen reacted during the wedding day.  

"The Queen was so happy on the wedding day, she was practically skipping," the Palace aid told Murphy. "Seeing her family full of joy and also seeing the public support and excitement touched her greatly."

Murphy also claimed that even during the days leading to the wedding day, Her Majesty had been very supportive of William and Kate. She was aware that the whole of Britain would be rooting for the couple, which would greatly benefit the monarchy as well.

Other royal insiders also claimed that even after a couple of years, Queen Elizabeth II is still fond of her granddaughter-in-law and has high hopes for her as the future Queen. 

Impressed With Kate And William

Ever since the coronavirus global pandemic hit the United Kingdom, Prince William and Kate have been on top of their game to make sure they fulfill their duties. 

Because of the extra effort, a source revealed that Queen Elizabeth II repeatedly commends the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's excellent COVID-19 response. 

"The wonderful thing about Kate and William is that they remain focused and calm even during their most challenging times," a source told Us Weekly

The insider added that Her Majesty is very impressed and proud of how Kate and William have been leading the support efforts to those affected by the health crisis. 

"She couldn't be prouder. She takes pride in being on top of everything but recognizes that it's time to hand off some responsibility," the source furthered. 

Modern Royals 

No lockdown or quarantine protocols can stop Kate and William from fulfilling their royal duties too. The couple is keeping in touch with their supporters and charities through the help of a video conference app and social media. 

Kate and William are practicing their leadership and connecting with people through their official Instagram account (@kensingtonroyal). 

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