MCU fans might hear from Iron Man once again after the studio expressed the possibility of Robert Downey Jr.'s return.

A lot of MCU fans got their hearts broken after Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man sacrificed his life to save humanity and the other Avengers during "Avengers: Endgame".

Though RDJ will have his last appearance in the upcoming movie "Black Widow" (since it was set before "Infinity Wars"), director Anthony Russo claimed that his return is possible but "must be earned".

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Russo brothers Joe and Anthony held a live watch party of "Avengers: Endgame" to help Marvel fans cope with the crisis. The simple online gathering became a surprise event after the 55-year-old "Iron Man" actor popped on the screen.

"The people will move us toward what they want," RDJ said when Joe shared how they should do a movie someday once again.

Although it was a vague statement, it seems like RDJ is still willing to reprise his role, especially since fans are demanding him to come back.

Anthony also approved this. However, he wants something to happen before giving the green light to a new "Iron Man movie."

Previously, the 50-year old producer opened up about the possibility of Marvel bringing back the "Dolittle" actor to one of the phases of MCU.

"We've always said this, and we've believed this. Stakes have to be real. If they are not real, then you know... the audience's emotional investment in those moments, with those characters, and the narrative is contingent upon them feeling like there's something to be lost," Anthony Russo told ReelBlend podcast.

Anthony thought that if they suddenly resurrect Iron Man without a good reason to do so, it would nullify his previous sacrifice and put "Avengers: Endgame" to waste.

At the end of the interview, the elder Russo Brother revealed that bringing Tony Stark back "is something that would have to be earned."

RDJ's Offer

Aside from the Russo Brothers' demand, RDJ also unrolled his request before he could return to the franchise.

In March 2020, We Got This Covered reported that the "Sherlock Holmes" star wants Gwyneth Paltrow to play the role of Pepper Potts again since he believes that Iron Man's existence became possible because of her. Apparently, Mr. Stark fought for her in numerous MCU movies in the past.

Contrary to what RDJ allegedly wants, the 47-year-old actress already said that she thinks that her MCU days are over -- even though the studio remains hopeful they can still work with her in the future.

It is still unclear if they would appear together again once they return, but they are expected to be seen in the "Ironheart" -- a TV show which reportedly will be released on Disney Plus. Riri Williams' Ironheart is about a teenage genius who continues Tony's legacy in the comics.

Whether RDJ returns in a movie or series, it does not matter for his fans as long as they see him again in one of his suits stored inside the Hall of Armor.

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