By now, everyone knows that the marriage of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana was far from a fairytale. It may have started like a romantic movie that swept everyone's hearts away, but it ended in a disastrous way no one could ever imagine. 

Aside from cheating with Diana with his current wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales has also tremendously hurt Diana with an unusual request he asked his late ex-wife. 

New revelations show that the next in line to the throne requested Princess Diana to act happier even though she is not feeling good, especially on public engagements. 

Prince Charles' disrespectful wish was said to have caused Diana to have more self-doubt. She was led to believe that her husband has little to no attraction of affection towards her.

From the start, Diana seemed to be a perfect candidate to be Prince Charles' wife and the future Queen of the British monarchy. She is elegantly beautiful, virginal, and came from an aristocratic family. 

The royal family had high hopes that they could mold Diana into the kind of Queen that the people want to see. However, as the years go by, the family realized that they had underestimated Diana's ability to go beyond her roles and express herself. 

Even without saying a word, the public and the media could sense when there is something wrong by just looking at Diana's body language and facial expression. 

Because of her very transparent expressions, royal fanatics were able to conclude that Diana was still shy, uncomfortable, and unhappy even though she was living the life of a Princess. 

Comparison To The Duchess of York

During that time, people could not help but compare Diana to her fellow royal wife, Sarah Ferguson, the then-spouse of Prince Andrew.

In a rare interview with biographer Andrew Morton, Diana said that the Duchess of York (also known as Fergie) has a personality that made her jealous. 

"Sarah wooed everybody in this family and did it so well. She left me looking like dirt," Diana told Morton.

To make things worse, Diana revealed that her husband even made a disrespectful request to her to act more like Fergie. 

"I wish you would be like Fergie-all jolly," Prince Charles reportedly told Diana. 

Out of desperation to please her husband, Diana tried to mimic Fergie's jolly personality on some occasions, but she felt nothing like herself. 

Looking back, Diana told Morton that she realized that pretending to be someone she's not only damaged herself. With that said, she regretted doing it to save her marriage. 

"[Charles's] hostile indifference made thoughts of starting afresh completely unrealistic," Morton said, as reported by a U.K. news outlet

"She had tried to conform to everything he wanted, but her efforts at copying the behavior of the Duchess of York, whom Prince Charles so admired, had been an unmitigated disaster."

Meanwhile, although Diana and Fergie became confidantes, the former Princesses became estranged to each other and never reconciled before Diana's tragic death in 1997. 

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