Meghan Markle's Downfall: Why Duchess Meg Is The MOST DISLIKED Royal

Meghan Markle quickly became the most-watched woman in the world after marrying Prince Harry. However, all the adulation turned into criticisms just as fast, as she became the most disliked and most hated royal family member.

Meghan has always dreamed of becoming a princess, and it came true when Prince Harry proposed to her and married her in 2018.

Unfortunately, it was not the fairytale Meghan was expecting. Not even close.

Royal Struggle

Even when they were dating, Meghan has been the subject of several criticisms.

In fact, in a statement released by the Communications Secretary to Prince Harry, it was revealed that Meghan received a wave of abuse and harassment.

"Prince Harry is worried about Ms. Markle's safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her," a part of the statement read. "It is not right that a few months into a relationship with him that Ms. Markle should be subjected to such a storm."

Meghan has been nicknamed a "gold-digger" and "user" since people theorized that she only wanted to use the royal family as her stepping stone to become more famous in Hollywood.

The hate intensified after she married Prince Harry in May 2018 -- a decision Prince William disapproved because he thought it was wrong for his younger brother to marry a woman he barely knew.

Why Is Meghan So Hated?

Since the royal wedding, Meghan received a massive backlash for demanding privacy multiple times even though she knew that being a member of the world's most famous royal family is a public-facing position.

What could have caused the Duchess to be hated even more were the reckless incidents that involved the U.K. taxpayers' money -- from the lavish baby shower issue to the high-priced renovations they made on their Frogmore Cottage home.

Celebrity journalists like Piers Morgan spoke out against Meghan as well, claiming that she was -- and she still is -- a social climber and a hypocrite.

However, her actions are just part of the problem since her attitude contributed more to everything that made her the most-disliked royal family member ever.

Royal watchers became the witnesses themselves of Meghan's horrifying attitude as she tried hard to be like Princess Diana.

For instance, she was called out by royal supporters after reports revealed that she yelled at Kate Middleton's staff when the Sussexes and Cambridges were still living together at the Kensington Palace.

Meghan, who gained the nicknames "Me-Gain" and the "Duchess of Difficulty," was reportedly the reason why the Sussexes moved out and relocated to Frogmore Cottage. This was also said to be the start of the rift between the once-close brothers, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Moreover, while Meghan wanted to be a "people's princess" like Princess Diana, her attitude never changed. She allegedly demanded royal staff to immediately accommodate her in just a click of her fingers, almost treating them like slaves.

Unlike the Princess of Wales, Meghan never received the same amount of love from people.

And when royal watchers thought that she has already revealed her dark side with all the scandals she got involved in through the years, it seems like she has more things to drop after Megxit.

Indeed, with all the problems and controversies she caused, it's not really surprising why members of the monarchy do not like her.

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