The coronavirus pandemic has continuously shaken the healthcare system of different countries around the world. One of the greatly affected is the United States, with now over 1.4 million cases and 85,000 deaths. 

The outbreak also caused the shitdown of major businesses, including the entertainment industry. As one of the affected actors, Channing Tatum has diligently followed the lockdown protocols and has been on quarantine in his Los Angeles home.

However, according to TMZ, his ex-wife Jenna Dewan recently raised concerns about the "Magic Mike" actor and the possibility of him acquiring and spreading the novel virus to her and their daughter Everly. 

Channing's Coronavirus Health Scare

It started when Channing celebrated his 40th birthday last April 26 together with five of his closest friends. The said group of friends, who were all safely quarantining in their own homes, decided to celebrate Channing's special day by doing a little dirty biking at the actor's personal ranch. 

"Channing had a socially-distanced gathering of a small handful of longtime friends outdoors to celebrate his birthday," a source told Us Weekly

"All the friends have been socially distanced and in quarantine."

While the group observed social distancing during the birthday get-together, Channing's 39-year-old ex-wife still raised some concerns that he could have been exposed to an infected person and might put their 6-year-old daughter at risk.

Everly has been going back and forth to her parents, spending time with Jenna and Channing due to their co-parenting arrangement. On top of that, Jenna recently gave birth to her and fiance Steve Kaze's baby boy. As a mother, it is only natural for Jenna to worry about her kids' safety, especially his newborn son. 

Because of this, Channing volunteered to get tested for coronavirus to make sure he is not getting all of them at risk. According to a source, the actor understood Jenna's concern and immediately subjected himself to a COVID-19 test. 

Is Channing A Coronavirus Patient?

While waiting for the result, Everly stayed at Jenna's house. And after a few days of waiting, Channing reportedly tested negative for COVID-19 and gave Jenna a peace of mind. 

"Channing tested negative for coronavirus after offering to get tested. Jenna did not demand it," the insider revealed.

The source also clarified that there is no tension between Jenna and Channing at the moment, as they are just doing safety protocols for the safety of their family.

"They have been co-parenting great, and there's no drama between them. Channing waited a couple of days for the results, and Jenna had Everly, and then he made up for the time missed with Everly after." the source added.

Channing And Jenna History

After being together for nearly nine years, Channing and Jenna announced their split in April 2018. In January 2019, the ex-couple reached an agreement to have a 50/50 joint custody of Everly.

They split time with their daughter during the week and have her on alternate weekends. The former lovers finalized their divorce in February.

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