INSPIRING! LeBron James Delivers POWERFUL Message In Graduation Special

LeBron James helped give a proper sendoff to the graduating class of 2020.

In a special television special, the basketball superstar -- along with other influential celebrities and personalities -- gave an inspiring message to all high school seniors as they face the new world.

Graduate Together

LeBron James sent his congratulatory message to all high school seniors in a powerful speech during the "Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020" TV special. It was a star-studded televised graduation ceremony for the millions of students whose graduation ceremonies were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NBA legend opened his special speech to the class of 2020 with a strong message of hope.

"Tonight's for you!"


He also urged his fans to extend help to communities amid this world health crisis.

"Our schools are our safety net. Our people build our communities and as you continue to build... As you celebrate tonight do not forget your safety net - every teacher, coach, and pastor - them along with friends and family .. accept every challenge, strive for greatness, and I know that's the last thing you guys want to think about .... it's the truth, the community needs you," LeBron said in his message (via Hollywood Life).

The Los Angeles Lakers star was wearing a blue blazer, though he looked different with his full beard. He encouraged all the graduates to continue striving to be the best that they can be.

"It's time to chase every dream, accept every challenge, strive for greatness, honor every promise, and recommit to your community," LBJ added.

While his appearance was brief, the Lakers superstar player is one of the brilliant minds behind the event. The XQ Institute and the Entertainment Institute Foundation, in partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation, presented the "Graduate Together" special.

The program aired across multiple television networks and various online platforms via several streaming services. The program wanted to reach out to every member of the graduating batch of 2020 across the world.

LeBron's SpringHill Entertainment is behind the successful production of the show. They were able to gather commencement addresses from various celebrities, including the special appearances of Maren Morris, Kevin Hart, Megan Rapinoe and Olivia Wilde.

Pharrell Williams, Zendaya and the Jonas Brothers also made a special appearance.

The world health crisis has left everyone to try to ease into the new normal. As the class of 2020 enters the real world, LeBron's program hopes to give every student the courage to push through and stay positive amid the challenging times.

A Heart That Gives

He may be known for his accomplishments on the hardcourt, but LeBron has been touching the lives of young people through his project called I Promise School. It opened in his hometown in Akron, Ohio in 2018.

The state-of-the-art institution is focused on teaching third and fourth-grade students. However, the I Promise School is set to expand its network to teach grades one to eighth by 2022.

The NBA Champion released a promotion of the event with a high school portrait of himself. He shared it through his Twitter account at the end of April.

Although there wasn't a huge physical celebration for the graduates this year, everyone is definitely celebrating this important milestone. Together, through the project of LeBron, every graduate got the boost of confidence they needed as they take on the new chapter in their lives.

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