Royal Game: Queen Elizabeth Makes Sure Meghan Markle NEVER Wins

If there's truly a war between Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle, especially after Megxit, analysts believed that the monarch is one step ahead of the Duchess. She might look frail and sweet, a beacon of light to the British, but she's also a tough one to beat - one who knows what her next steps should be to keep the royal palace safe.  

If she was able to do it against Princess Diana, who was adored by most around the world, she could certainly do it against Meghan Markle, who is only said to be a fraction of who Princess Diana was. 

If there is a war between Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle, it would be the latter who started it. But the former would end it. 

This can be seen in the very recent case. 

After the shocking Megxit happened, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now in the United States, starting their so-called financially independent lives. However, instead of leaving their royal lives entirely behind to start anew, a new biography about them is set to be released, which is entitled controversially as "Finding Freedom." Even if they say they do not have any hand to play on the book's release, they would have known about its existence and gave it a GO signal. 

Shots fired. 

By that alone, it is enough to raise people's eyebrows that they would certainly say something negative about their lives at the palace. Not to mention, reveal some secrets that the balance would not be comfortable for the general public to know. Otherwise, what is the point of the book, and why would people even be interested in it?

If Meghan Markle wants the book out to paint herself good and the palace bad, it would not be that easy. 

Since news of the book's existence emerged earlier this May, there had been speculations as to whether Harry and Meghan themselves orchestrated the book, analysts are sure that they could have at least known the writers and are relaxed about their access to people close to them to get the tidbits. 

Naturally, the book drew comparisons with Andrew Morton's 1992 "Diana: Her True Story." 

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle believe that the Queen would sit idly by, they must think again. While on the surface, the palace appears as cool as a cucumber; this is only because it is a deliberate tactic to make people lose interest in the book, according to NZ Herald

After all, if the palace does not react now and will not react when the book is released, then people would have a hard time knowing if the details published are even true or just commissioned by Prince Harry and Meghna Markle to spin some stories. 

At least that is what analysts believe Queen Elizabeth is doing right now. Unlike Princess Diana's book, which she also denied having any involvement it, the Queen would not allow "Finding Freedom" to elicit any form of harsh reaction from their side or any reaction at all. To do so, whether positively or negatively, will give Meghan Markle the floor and the fame she is so allegedly craving. 

Speaking to UK's Sunday Times, a source said, "The rest of the royal family will not be telling their side of the story. They feel that in this new world, people are more interested in seeing the family support frontline workers than reading about their internal politics." 

Not only does this diminish the book's value, but the statement also highlighted how untimely the book is. The palace just highlighted how the book is akin to a soap opera.  

When the time comes that the public already become privy to what is inside the book, and the place still refuses to engage in any conversation about it, the book's value just might disappear. 

And the Queen wins. READ MORE: Queen Suffering: Queen Elizabeth Loses Another Beloved to COVID-19

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