Larsa Pippen Secret: Quarantine Bikini Queen Makes This Shocking Revelation

Larsa Pippen's sexy figure is the result of nothing but pure, hard work. Kim Kardashian's Best Friend is now revealing the secrets behind her very shapely legs, which women all over the world have been wanting to covet. 

Larsa Pippen's legs are to die for - literally and figuratively. They're nice to look at, and they're certainly nicer to have. The issue is of course, how and what one has to give before achieving those legs. She could not have been "Quarantine Bikini Queen" without some secret formula to achieve her body. 

Pippen is now making sure fans can get her shapely legs too if they put in the work. There's a reason why "Larsa Pippen bikini pictures" often trends.

Voila! she made the shocking revelation that getting these shapes ARE NOT THAT HARD. There's only ONE EXERCISE to stay carry out. 

The 45-year-old and a mom of four showed that to get her body, there's one particular exercise move that one should master. Why do more if one is enough? The exercise is actually very simple and can be done even without fancy, expensive machine. 

"I do squats almost every day," she shares to Hollywood Life. This revelation coincides with the launching of her newest fitness website. 

She shared that doing squats need not be that complicated either. While weights are often a mainstay for gym enthusiasts while doing their squats, Pippen claimed one could drop them. "You don't need weights for that. You're just [using] your own body weight," she explained.

Of course, the "simple" squats she is swearing are not the ones one might think. These are "Larsa Pippen-fied" 

"I do 40 squats a set," she shared. She does two sets of these killer 40 squats in one session. "If you incorporate weights into that, then you wouldn't have to do so many. You would just do 12-15 reps," she added.

According to Larsa, if she does use weights, the weight of the dumbbells is 10-pounds each. 

Larsa is not just tough on her workout, but she is as tough on rude commenters as well. 

On one of her Instagram posts, she posted a selfie with a caption that read, "Find someone who'll put u first!!" It was supposed to be a positive post, but it quickly turned sour when some commented, "too bad you didn't put Scottie Pippen first."

Larsa did not back down and sit idly by with that unnecessary comment, though. She quickly fired back, "really? I did everything for him literally everything."

She also blasted another commenter who dared implied she was disloyal too. "Stop tripping dude, u don't know what you're talking about. I held him down and still do. Just bc I don't air his dirty laundry doesn't mean it doesn't stink I just don't wanna do his laundry anymore," she said.

In other words, no one knows the whole story and should not be judging her just because she was the one to have filed the divorce from Scottie in 2018. They were married for a total of 21 years.

At 45, Pippen truly can stir people with how fab her body looks. Recently, she was even described as just looking 21-years-old with a shirt falling off her in a wet-haired selfie. She's truly comfortable with her body, and she's now encouraging more women to be by sharing her simple secrets to maintain her body shape.

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