Not everyone is as lucky and healthy as Prince Philip to have reached the age of 98. Even before retiring from his royal duties, the Buckingham Palace is said to have prepared his and Queen Elizabeth II's funeral plans. 

The Queen's funeral, which goes by the code name "Operation London Bridge," has been organized for years. The plan includes a 10-day funeral at Westminster Abbey, as well as a slow horse parade through the streets, so people could pay their final respects before sending her to her final resting place at King George VI Memorial Chapel in Windsor Castle. 

On the other hand, Prince Philip would have a shorter funeral and be taken to St. George Chapel as well. If the Duke of Edinburgh passes away earlier than the Queen though, his remains and coffin would be secured and kept until the Queen dies so they will be buried together.

But even before getting over and done with his own funeral plans, the soon-to-be-99-year-old Prince previously faced some trouble after opposing a burial plan of a person close to his heart. 

Princess Alice's Final Resting Place

According to reports, Prince Philip previously opposed the burial plans of his mother, Princess Alice of Denmark and Greece. 

Speaking to "India Hicks Podcast," Philip's cousin, Lady Pamela Hicks, revealed that the Duke frustratedly gave up his attempts to convince his mother to change her chosen resting place. 

It turns out that Queen Victoria's granddaughter always wanted to be buried near her Aunt Ella in Jerusalem. Princess Alice had always been a religious woman, so she wanted to join the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorvna in her final resting place in the "Holy Land."

"Not long before she dies, Princess Alice had given verbal instructions that she wished to be buried near Aunt Ella in Jerusalem," Lady Pamela said.

Prince Philip strongly opposed the idea, thinking that it would be inconvenient for him and other relatives to visit Princess Alice. 

"Oh, the trouble Philip had," Lady Pamela added. 

"When the family protested this was a long way away, and that it would be hard to visit her, she retorted, 'Nonsense. There is a perfectly good bus service,'" she continued. 

Aside from being too far away, Prince Philip had trouble agreeing to his mother's chosen resting place because the famous religious site is always full. 

Princess Alice's Devoted Life

Prince Philip's loving mother spent several years in a sanatorium. She founded the Greek Orthodox nursing order of the Christian Sisterhood of Mary and Martha. 

During her stay in Greece, Princess Alice devoted her life to helping Jewish families hide during the Italian and German occupation of World War II. In 1966, Prince Alice stayed with her son and Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, where she remained until she passed away in 1969.

Prince Alice's remains were initially placed in a crypt at St. George Chapel, but in 1988, she was transferred to her chosen final resting place at the Convent of Saint Mary Magdalene in Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

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