Lindsay Lohan is definitely working her way to being healthy. In her most recent selfie, the actress showed off her incredibly toned figure and her fans are impressed. 

Working Out For The Better

It looks like Lindsay Lohan used her quarantine time to get herself in tip-top shape. In the mirror selfie she posted on her Instagram account, Lohan showed off her toned figure to her 8.5 million followers.

On June 7, Lindsay shared a photo of herself wearing a pair of white spandex shorts with a matching sports bra. In the picture, her toned abs and legs are on full display.

"Starting the day with yoga," Lindsay wrote in the caption. 

Lindsay Lohan
(Photo : Lindsay Lohan Instagram)

The post has garnered more than 180,000 likes and counting. Fans were also quick to give her compliments about her new look. 

One user wrote, "Absolutely gorgeous, fit too."

"As we all should," another fan wrote, agreeing that everyone should be starting their day with a bit of yoga.

Another user left a string of heart-smiley emojis, perhaps to emphasize how impressed he is of Lohan's new and healthier look. 

The photo was a gift from Lindsay, offering her fans a sneak peek of what she does during her free time while in lockdown. It has been a while since she last shared a personal photo on social media, and this one was certainly a treat.

Lindsay has remained low-key for quite some time now. With that said, rare photos like the one she shared on social media reassures her fans that she's doing just fine. 

Perhaps, it is her way of inspiring everyone to make good use of their time while on lockdown. Meditation and yoga, after all, come with numerous benefits in the physical and psychological well-being.

Yoga For A Healthier, Fitter You

Much like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears has found a new love in yoga. Hers is a bit more daring, as he has been doing yoga in her bikini. 

Earlier this 2020, Britney posted a video of herself doing yoga wearing a sparkly purple bikini. It might not be the usual gear that yogis wear, but it definitely highlighted Britney's daring personality. 

In the video, the pop star can be heard talking about why she's been doing yoga. She revealed that it has been helping her open up her back and my chest. Britney then went off to show a few yoga moves she can do.

In the caption of her video, Britney wrote about exploring acro yoga and the other basics of yoga this year. 

"I'm a beginner and it's kind of hard to let go.... learning to trust and letting someone else hold your body!!!" she said. "I have a lot of things I keep bottled up so I have to keep my body moving !!!!"

In her interview with Women's Health magazine, she was asked about why she was wearing sneakers while doing yoga poses. 

"I'm so cool with my tennis shoes and yoga. It's the new thing you know," she joked.

While everyone is keeping themselves entertained in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, both Lindsay and Britney have kept themselves busy. 

The fans of these two women are rooting for them to get healthy. With continued practice, who knows they could be pros, too!

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