Jennifer Aniston has reported gotten a full-body revenge makeover to make her ex-husband Brad Pitt jealous. 

In a report by the National Enquirer, the former "Friends" star was starting to get worried about her wrinkles and stretch marks that she has reportedly decided to do something about it. 

"She's not had her hair color properly for months, either. But what's freaking her out the most is her skin and the wrinkles and cellulite that's popping up in unsightly places." 

Jennifer Aniston has also gotten laser treatments and fillers, aside from getting the usual Botox, which is hugely popular in women in different age groups. 

"She's giving herself a head-to-toe tune-up. Light Botox, fillers, high-end laser work, all over."

As per the publication, Jennifer Aniston has been fuming over Pitt since she broke her heart when she was seen going over to his rumored girlfriend's house. 

It was allegedly that Brad Pitt teased his ex-wife that they have the chance to get back together last winter.

The unnamed source continued, "She's very spiritual and loves natural remedies, so will be making trips to the spa for massages and plenty of the pampering she's not been able to indulge in during quarantine."

The Hollywood star is already in her 50s, and as per the publication's unnamed source, Aniston is worried about getting older. She wishes to look as though she's still 30 years old. 

They also claim that the reason for Jennifer Aniston's full-body makeover is because of Pitt's rumored girlfriend, Alia Shawkat, who is said to have moved on to her ex-husband's home

The source further revealed that "The Morning Show" actress has also been sticking to a strict diet and fitness routine while quarantining in her Bel-Air home. 

They also mentioned that when Brad Pitt left Aniston for Angelina Jolie, it didn't do anything good for her self-esteem. 

"It's done a major number on her self-esteem, but Jen's damned if she'll just sit there and sulk," the source continued, "She wants to get out there and show Brad exactly what he's missing. And what better way than to knock herself into the shape of her life?"

The source claimed that these are all the factors that encouraged Jennifer Aniston to look better. 

This way, she could also get herself out there and find the right person for her. 

However, this report was debunked by Gossip Cop.

A trusted source told Gossip Cop that the story is "completely absurd."

After Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's friendly exchange at the 2020 SAG Awards in January, many people are rooting for them to get married. 

At the backstage, the former couple had a friendly run-in - but that's all that it was, as per the trusted source - they're just friendly. 

Jennifer Aniston's representative even denied the story to the National Enquirer.

Gossip Cop also debunked the story of Pitt teasing Aniston with romance, claiming that they have gotten back together. 

But Aniston's rep also dismissed the story, saying it is entirely false. 

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