Meghan Markle Mistake: Prince Harry Left ALL ALONE Because Of Wife

The never-ending drama involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's life continues despite leaving the U.K. and seeking independence in Los Angeles. 

Multiple reports previously mentioned that the former royals have decided to step down as senior members of the firm because of an alleged rift with Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as the "vicious" and "racist" attacks by the British press. 

While the Sussexes, together with their 1-year-old son Archie, settled in their rented $18 million hilltop Beverly mansion owned by entertainment mogul Tyler Perry, it appears that the trio can't escape the criticisms and controversies being thrown at them. 

British Author Calls Prince Harry "Pathetic," Meghan Markle An "Opportunist"

With this, British author Lady Colin Campbell claimed that the former "Suits" star was "rude" and that the "pathetic" 35-year-old prince is too weak to leave his wife.

In her upcoming book "Meghan And Harry: The Real Story," Lady C cited an anonymous insider who revealed Meghan's poor attitude. The said source mentioned that in the wedding of Prince Harry's best friend Charlie Van Straubenzee to Daisy Jenks, a girl approached the duchess but she just gazed at her blankly.

"She said she knew it was Meghan's birthday and wished her a happy birthday. Meghan looked at her as if she had committed a great faux pas by speaking to her and walked off," Lady C wrote in an extract seen by FEMAIL.

Campbell went on and revealed that another guest had experienced Meghan's diva attitude during the wedding breakfast and said "it was the worst."

"She told her she was rooting for them and wished them well. Meghan's response? She looked her up and down, turned away without saying a word her out for the rest of the wedding breakfast," the royal author added.

The Jamaican-born British writer is best known for her international bestselling 1992 book "Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows," which is a revelatory biography of the late Princess of Wales. 

Prince Harry Lost His Friends Because Of Meghan Markle

On the other hand, Page Six cited that the author labeled the former actress as "total opportunist" who has always dreamed of living a "millionaire's life in Hollywood."

"She knew in advance she'd embark on commercial ventures, which royalty strictly forbids. She now has what she wanted - a millionaire's life in Hollywood. She's caused Harry to lose most of his friends," Lady C added.

Previous reports claimed that Prince Philip once called Duchess Meghan as a "Tungsten" in their relationship because of her strong persona and "rock-solid self-belief," but the outspoken author described Prince Harry as someone who is "weaker" than her wife.

"He's run ragged. Despite the sex, she will make his life miserable. He has no strength of character to leave her."

In more related Meghan Markle news, Campbell previously claimed that the mother-of-one has political aspirationsShe also believes that the duchess wants to become a president in the near future.

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