Alia Shawkat set the record straight and revealed whether she is really in a romantic relationship with Brad Pitt.

Alia and Brad sparked romance rumors after they attended together the opening of an art exhibition in Los Angeles in November 2019.

Prior to the event, they were spotted together multiple times at the opening of the show "A Play is a Poem" and the screening of Mike Birbiglia's "The New One" in September and October, respectively.

Months after netizens questioned their real relationship status, Alia sat for an interview with Vulture where she said that they were not dating.

"We're not dating, we're just friends," the 31-year-old actress said. "I've gotten press, but not like that. Not so uncontrollable."

Aside from the press who have been consistently asking about their relationship, the "Arrested Development" star added that her friends has also been asking her whether the rumors were true or not.

Because of this, Alia reportedly felt overwhelmed and compared the feeling to being "naked in school."

Meanwhile, amid all the rumors surrounding them, Alia and Brad are reportedly hanging out as friends during quarantine.

"They're hanging out plenty," a Us Weekly source revealed last month. "They're only about 10 minutes away from each other, so Alia will bike or walk to Brad's place whenever they have time to chill. It's all very organic and easy."

Brad GHOSTED Alia?

Soon after Alia clarified that she is only friends with Brad, another rumor started to circulate online and claimed that the actor decided to ghost her.

Per, the "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" actor allegedly got tired of the attention he has been receiving because of Alia.

"He still thinks the world of her, but there's been so much attention on them, and whether they're a couple or not, so he thinks it's important to give her some space," the unnamed source reportedly said. "He insists he's just happy chilling with friends, reading scripts, and focusing on being a full-time dad."

Meanwhile, Heat U.K. claimed that Brad wants to focus on his kids with Angelina Jolie, and pursuing Alia would not do any good to him.

Aside from Alia, Jennifer Aniston also became the subject of other claims. Per Pinkvilla, they have sources who allegedly confirmed that the two old flames indeed have been quarantining together, though they did not mention when it started.

However, Brad reportedly chose to ghost and take a break from her due to Jen's "neediness."

"He wants a more low-key, easygoing relationship with the next woman he falls in love with. He doesn't want anyone who's bossy, needy or overly intense," the said source claimed.

Currently, Brad remains single, but he has started co-parenting his six-children with Jolie after they came up with a temporary custody agreement.

Whether he ghosted alia and Jen or not, Brad's fans can tell that he is serious in giving his children the best care and love as they grow older.

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