The former Wales Brothers, Prince Harry and Prince William were put on the spotlight following the tragic death of their mom, Princess Diana. 

Each move the brothers made was being watched by the public and the British media. 

When Prince William met Kate Middleton and proposed to her a few years later, royal fans were delighted that he was able to find someone special. 

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married, they were joined by Prince Harry in royal duties, and then the couple and Prince Harry became a happy trio. 

In 2016, Prince Harry finally found the love of his life, Meghan Markle, an actress. They eventually married in 2018. 

People wanted to know more of who the former actress is, as Meghan Markle coming into the royal family had her level of intrigue and personality, something that the royal family had never seen before. 

It also didn't help that the Duchess of Sussex is so charismatic that she was often able to outshine Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and other royal family members. 

Because of that, Meghan Markle became the subject of backlash and fake news, and the royal family members had little to none to help fight the misinformation. 

The Duchess of Sussex faced racism backlash, according to reports, because the 38-year-old was the first-ever Black person to become a member of the royal family. Many people weren't happy about that.

According to a report by SheKnows, "While Kate's support of her husband over the years has been admirable, it's immediately clear how this model wouldn't work for Meghan and Prince Harry."

"For one, Meghan came into the relationship with a celebrity of her own, and a global fan base," they said. "Whether or not her intention had to 'outshine' Harry, the public was inevitably more interested in her actions than Harry's at various turns - a reaction that was likely ill-received by the royal family."

Despite the fact that Prince Harry is far from the line of succession because of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's kids, Meghan Markle continues to shine brighter than Prince Harry, unlike Kate Middleton and Prince Philip, who are "quiet supporters" of their future King, and Queen, respectively. 

Though Kate Middleton and Prince William have different roles, they come together as a team; an insider told People Magazine

"They look after each other but in different ways. Some people might say it's a traditional marriage, but it seems to work."

Even though Meghan Markle had given up her Hollywood career because of a royal protocol, she continued to keep herself busy and become more involved in charitable interests. 

According to Sami Wunder, who spoke to Express UK, "She is not going to be the woman that looks up to Prince Harry to fulfill each and every one of her needs, as many first-time married women would do." 

For the Duke of Sussex's part, he is genuinely in love with his wife. After the death of his mom, Prince Harry was determined that history will not repeat itself. 

Royal expert Angela Levin told Newsweek that the 35-year-old dad's priority is to make Meghan Markle happy and is said to be doing everything he can because the Prince wasn't able to do something to protect Princess Diana. 

"It stayed with him, so he's determined to make Meghan happy. I think he adores Meghan. He thinks she's absolutely wonderful."

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