Kristin Cavallari is moving on. She's excitedly single and now ready to mingle, at least that is what her friends say.

On June 18, Kristen was seen in public for the very first time after she filed from a divorce from husband Jay Cutler on April 1. That is also two months and a half of staying away from the limelight.

But now, she is ultimately done. That was her very first signal that she's done moping. According to friends who spoke with Star for its July 13 issue, the reality star thinks Jay Cutler is already ancient history and that she is not the type to just sit around and pine for an ex. Now that she is back into her headspace, she's ready to join the dating scene. 

Cavallari is not looking for a reconciliation or a new beginning with Jay Cutler. Instead, she is now opening up to the possibilities that the man of her dreams is still out there. She thinks she can lure this man on the celebrity dating app too, as friends revealed that there is a possibility she might joined an app called Raya. At the same time though, she'd rather go "the traditional route and meet the man of her dreams in the flesh," the friends revealed.

Cavallari friends would not let her stay single for so long though. Now that she is ready to date and find her one true love, her friends are playing Cupid. They are ready to see the star happy once more. Specifically, they think she'd be happy with the "sexy country singer," Chase Rice. 

However, moving on can be hampered by the fact that Jay Cutler is suddenly showing her support and they are becoming fast friends once more. While being friends with the ex is not that implausible, the possibility of something romantic brewing once more is not either.

As reported by E Online, ex Bears quarterback Jay Cuter has uploaded an Instagram Story showing how much he still cares about his ex. It was quite sweet. He featured Kristin Cavallari's upcoming cookbook, entitled True Comfort and wrote, "taste tested and approved." This goes to show that he is capable of supporting her even if they are now apart. The cookbook features Cavallari's very own 100 gluten- and refined sugar-free recipes, which naturally he already tasted in the course of their marriage.

The cookbook is set to be released on September 29. 

On the other hand, they could really just be great friends. After all, they did spent years together, and share three kids - Camden Jack Cutler, Jaxon Wyatt Cutler, and Saylor James Cutler. She's also not going to deprive the kids from their father even if things are over between them.

She uploaded a photo of their kids in Father's Day and sweetly captioned it, "Saved the best for last....happy (late) Father's Day to Jay." She then revealed that they were in fact, all together to celebrate that special day for dads.  "We had a beautiful day together yesterday at my new house. Modern family? Co-parenting? Whatever you want to call it, we are navigating it the best way we know how," she wrote.