Hairy Men: 3 Must-Have Hair Care Products For Him

A lot of men say that their hair is the most crucial part of their overall look. 

With a lot of things to consider, such as the length, the style, when to cut it, and what products from the market can be used, these can be overwhelming. 

However, what should matter most is having enough knowledge to make your hair care routine effective, which will help your hair in the long run. 

Here are some things to consider:

Know how to dry your hair the right way

Some men roughly rub their wet hair with a towel to dry it faster. But what you're doing will damage the outer layers of the hair and end up giving your split ends and frizziness. 

Instead, pat your hair dry after shaking out the excess water. 

Blow drying is also okay, but take caution because the heat can cause damage to the hair. It's best to use the lowest temperature setting possible, especially if you're not in a hurry. 

No everyday hats

Though you want to rock a hat or a cap, please don't overdo it. 

Wearing hats, especially the tight ones, can cause severe damage and hair loss as they pull hard on the roots. 

Don't overdo with hair products

While there is nothing wrong with hair products such as waxes, gels, and sprays, using too much can make your hair look so heavy and weird. 

So use only the products you need and never apply excess amounts of it. 

Having the right tools

Investing in the right tools is essential, whether you're doing a DIY project or taking caking care of your hair as you try to grow it out. 

Wide-tooth comb
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You might need a wide-tooth comb.

A wide-tooth comb is an excellent tool for hair care, as it is a comb with natural bristles. It's also easier to use and doesn't tangle in the brushes. 

Having the right products

There's nothing wrong with the $5 bottle from your local drugstore, especially if you have short hair. 

But if you have longer hair and would like it to look good all the time, use a higher quality shampoo. Find a shampoo that's important for your hair type, whether it's dry or oily or what texture you have. 

Woody's For Men Daily Shampoo
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This shampoo from Woody's is a high-quality daily shampoo that is enriched with natural vitamins. 

It will give your hair that shine and elasticity that it needs while infusing and soothing your scalp with the eucalyptus and tea tree ingredients. 

There's a myth that says that once you rinse after your shampoo, you need to rinse it the second time. 

This would dry out your hair, as many said double-washing is not necessary. Instead, once in a while, give your hair some love by deep conditioning your scalp and hair. 

There has also been debate about whether men should shampoo every day. From reading different opinions from hair experts, you will feel like less is more because using so much shampoo can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. 

So as a general rule, try not to shampoo your hair every day, and instead use a good conditioner every day as it minimizes split ends, tangles, and breakage. It also won't dry out your hair as it will help produce natural oil. 

Dr. Squatch Diaily Conditioner
(Photo : Amazon)

Dr. Squatch Men's Hair Conditioner will help stimulate, hydrate, and soothe your scalp. It's 100% natural and sulfate- and paraben-free, so you don't have to worry.

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