Meghan Markle Net Worth: Can The Duchess Finances Cover Their Expenses in LA?

With the reports about the Sussexes' expenses in the last few months, royal watchers are now curious whether Meghan Markle's net worth is enough to support their family-of-three in Los Angeles.

Meghan Markle's Career Earnings

Before Meghan joined the royal family, she starred in numerous shows that helped increase her net worth each year.

Throughout the years during her successful acting career, she has become super popular for her role in the television show "Suits" -- where she played the role of a paralegal named Rachel Zane.

Per, the Duchess of Sussex made up to $50,000 per episode on the series. She also earned on films such as "Remember Me" and "The Candidate," where she got paid $187,000 and $171,429, respectively.

Aside from her income as an actress, she also made a pretty penny from her popular blog "The Tig" for years before she shut it down in April 2017. As a lifestyle expert, she was making money via sponsorships and endorsements on social media.

According to Cosmopolitan, she earned an additional $80,000 from using her platform to "tap into the wonderful world of celebrity #SponCon."

As of 2020, multiple outlets reported that the former actress' net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

However, the question of whether it is enough to cover their lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles remains unanswered until now.

Meghan Markle Net Worth: Is $5 Million Enough?

After Megxit, a spokesperson told PEOPLE that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to work hard to be financially independent.

Before their official exit, they reportedly fired their 15-person staff in the U.K.

The royal couple also made a few more appearances, including their speaking engagement at a JPMorgan event in Miami. Prince Harry has also been reported to be working on partnership with Goldman Sachs.

As the pandemic continues to prevent Meghan from pursuing her career in Hollywood again, her net worth is clearly not enough to support their family.

Currently, the Sussexes agreed to cash out $8,600 per day to pay the A-list security team they hired. Aside from the staggering safety and security expenses they need, they still have to settle all their debts after leaving the monarchy.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth II urged them to pay back the multi-million expenses they spent on their home. The royal couple reportedly started paying $21,780 per month for the Frogmore Cottage renovations.

But since they remain unemployed right now and only depend their lives on small-scale engagements, a royal insider claimed that the royal couple are already running out of funds.

"This debt is a blow to their ambitious plan to become freewheeling billionaires in the world," the said source told U.S. tabloid National Enquirer.

Moroever, Meghan reportedly has a lavish lifestyle that she prioritizes despite facing financial problems.

In the past few years, Duchess Meghan sported a $2,000 Stella McCartney dress and a $1,390 Sentaler coat. According to several estimations, she spent more on clothing compared to other royal family members.

Meghan surely has a long list of things she always wants to have. But if the situation continues to cripple her finances, she would need to give up that list to cover her family's needs.

Meghan Markle Effect

For what it's worth, Meghan has the potential to earn more through her influence and social power.

The "Meghan Markle" effect, which Leah Bourne wrote for Glamour, started since the style icon's clothes often sell out as soon as she wears them.

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