Royal Exit: Prince Harry Suffers From DEVASTATING Change After Megxit

Prince Harry is becoming more and more irrelevant as he spends his life as a non-working royal.

Before Megxit happened, Prince Harry enjoyed a lot of privileges as a royal prince. However, he and his wife Meghan Markle chose to take a different path and decided to step down from their senior royal positions.

The family-of-three is now living their lives in Los Angeles to achieve their goal of becoming financially independent. However, as time passes by, Prince Harry's worth continues to plunge, and it will inevitably affect his life outside the monarchy.

The Unpopular Harry

In a new poll conducted by YouGov, it showed how the Duke of Sussex's popularity among royal fans has plummeted and reached its lowest throughout his life.

According to the results, only 35 percent of the participants still see Prince Harry as a positive asset for the royal family. Meanwhile, the remaining percentage believes that he is now a liability for the monarchy.

His popularity surely crashed big time. Eight years ago, YouGov conducted the same poll and the royal prince received a shocking 75 percent approval rating.

But everything has changed ever since he left the firm.

The least popular royal is Prince Andrew, with 80 percent of those who took part in the poll referring to the Duke of York as a liability.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle was also hailed as a liability by over 51 percent of the participants. She only got a 38 percent approval rating.

Queen Elizabeth II has remained strong and firm, as she stood as the people's favorite with an 81 percent approval rate. Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles came after Her Majesty on the list.

Such percentages are indeed high, but YouGov carried out the poll this week without mentioning how many people took part in the poll.

Royal Expert Predicted Prince Harry's Downfall

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a six-week break last year before they announced their bombshell decision, a royal expert already predicted that the duke would lose everything because of his decisions.

Valentine Low, the Times of London's royal correspondent, compared the two with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor at that time.

According to Low, the royal couple of Windsor became irrelevant after the Duke abdicated his throne. She feared that it would also happen to Prince Harry and Meghan.

"[It] requires a platform and if they were to give up their HRH status and retreat to a farm in the countryside, that platform would be much less prominent. Look what happened to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor after he abdicated: They became no-longer-important people," the royal correspondent said.

Edward VIII, the former Duke of Windsor, gave up his royal life and abdicated. He then moved to France and spent the rest of his life with Wallis Simpson.

In 2013, Express journalist Simon Edge explained that the former king quit because he wanted to protect his mother Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth from any public damages once they ignored his American wife.

His abdication led the monarchy to make Queen Elizabeth II's father, George VI, to be the official monarch then. However, it set a bad example for The Firm.

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