Kanye West President? Kris Jenner LIVID with Fear and Anger Over Alleged Plan

Kanye's bid to become President may actually be a PR stunt (or not!), but if he indeed pushes through, this would not be something the rest of his wife Kim Kardashian's family would like. In fact, it would the family matriarch, Kris Jenner's worst nightmare. 

According to National Enquirer, July 27, 2020 edition, Kanye West scares the rest of the family with his announcement that he is running for US presidency. While the rest of the country gawked and the rest of the world laughed, the entire Kardashian family's reaction was different. They allegedly quaked in fear with regard to the idea.

Sources claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, as well as the rest of the famous siblings, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner hated the thought. They know that if Kanye runs for presidency, this would open a can of worms. All the dark secrets that the family members are hiding can somehow be exposed.

Even though the girls truly appears as if their lives are open book in their social media accounts, with some of them being involved in the craziest scandals ever, they are also very private individuals at the same time. They also have kids who they now want to protect at all costs.

Insiders dished that while momager Kris Jenner is not one to shy away from publicity, positive or negative, she did not like this particular announcement of Kanye that drew the world's attention to their family. She is allegedly furious about it, and this frustration is generated by some deep fears.

Allegedly, Kris Jenner is worried that if West continues on with his doubtful political ambition, this would attract the media like bees to their business - wreaking havoc to their private lives. Even if the family's main business is to show people "their lives" through the reality show, "Keeping UP with the Kardashians," Kris knows that the media scrutiny in case Kanye West runs for president will be a whole new level. For one, it's not something they could have control over, unlike what they want to show in their reality series and social media posts. 

In fact, to say Kris Jenner is furious is an understatement. The sources said she was positively livid at Kanye because he was ignorant on the consequences of his announcement. The sources also said that Kris Jenner is wise enough to know that once West is part of the crazy race to become the leader of the nation, the family will be like raw meat for the media as well as Kanye's political opponents. 

Kris Jenner is even particularly worried that the media and opponents will start sniffing around once more on OJ Simpson's alleged role in Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman's brutal murders in 1994.  

Everyone knows that Kim's ex-husband Robert Kardashian was part of the "Dream Team" that aided OJ escaped a double murder rap. However, few believe that it was the right verdict. Many questions linger with regard to the possible secrets Robert might have taken to his grave with regard this case when he died in 2003. For Kanye to be putting the family in such a limelight, the whole family's dirty secrets can come out one by one.

Since it is still unclear if Kanye West is serious or not about becoming the US President, the family must be at a crossroads right now - to support or not support?

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