It has been almost half a year since the coronavirus global pandemic hit the U.S., but the nation is still battling with the novel virus and living day-by-day with the so-called "new normal." The symptoms of COVID-19 vary from one person to another: one may check all the possible signs, while others could be totally asymptomatic but still test positive. 

Over the past few months, this pandemic only proves that everyone's life status is not enough to shield from the virus. Even the most prominent celebrities, world leaders and aristocrats contracted the dreaded disease. 

While the internet provides tons of information about the symptoms of COVID-19, below are some of the key signs of having the virus as experienced by celebrities who survived the coronavirus. 

Body Pain

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson confirmed that they tested positive for COVID-19 in March while they were in Australia. In his Instagram post, the award-winning actor said they acquired the virus after displaying several symptoms of colds, fatigue and slight fever. 

However, the "Cast Away" actor pointed out that they mainly experienced body pains or that heavy feeling of getting body aches without further physical activities. 


One of the apparent symptoms of COVID-19 is getting consistent fever with a temperature of 37.8 degrees celsius and above. The Queen of Pop Madonna is one of the coronavirus survivors who experienced this. 

While Madonna was not able to confirm that she tested positive for the virus, she revealed testing positive for the coronavirus antibody, which means she was able to recover from it. In an Instagram post, Madonna explained she was probably exposed to the virus during her "Madame X" concert tour in Paris -- during which she thought it was just extreme flu. 

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson also first suspected having coronavirus after his fever and cough would not go away for days.

Itchy Throat

Since coronavirus is said to be targeting the respiratory system, the early signs show through having an itchy throat that leads to a dry cough. Jazmin Grimaldi, daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco, recently described her symptoms from having an itchy throat before fatigue and chills set in. 

Lost Of Sense Of Taste And Smell

When Britain's Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus, the Buckingham Palace said that the heir to the throne only manifested mild symptoms. Months after his recovery, the 70-year-old royal revealed that his taste and smell had not yet fully recovered

According to WebMD, respiratory viruses like COVID-19 or any typical cold and fly trigger anosmia that sometimes leave patients with permanent olfactory dysfunction. 

Asymptomatic Celebrities

While the celebrities mentioned experienced symptoms like colds, fever fatigue, dry cough, and loss of smell and taste, some did not feel any symptoms at all.

Just like Idris Elba, as he completely felt like his usual self but still tested positive for COVID-19. The same goes for "Good Morning America" anchor George Stephanopolous. 

How Did They Survive The Novel Virus?

These celebrities only followed the government and health experts' advice to submit themselves into self-isolation, be honest with their health and travel history, take prescribed medications, and follow protocols like staying at home, wearing a face mask and sanitizing often. 

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