A week has passed since Kanye West went into a Twitter rampage, just after his first presidential rally at South Carolina, where he discussed aborting their first child. 

When the 43-year-old rapper announced that he would be running for US president a couple of weeks ago, many big personalities voiced their support. 

Musk backed his presidential bid since the beginning, even persuading Kanye to run for president in 2024 instead of 2020. 

One of them is SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who expressed his concerns about his friend saying that the "Jesus is King" hitmaker had "a lot of issues." 

When Kanye was on his outburst, the 49-year-old space engineer texted the musician to check if he was okay. 

Although the Tesla CEO confirmed that Kim Kardashian's husband seemed to be "fine on the call," he already doubts that he was not subtle. 

Elon Musk spoke to the New York Times and said, "When he was about a third of the way through the tweeting rampage, just to see if he was doing okay, I sent him a text saying, 'Just checking on you, a lot of people are worried, just wondering if you're okay.'"

"He called me back, and he seemed fine. He video FaceTimed me and was in Wyoming with a bunch of friends."

He added, "He seemed fine on the call. But it sounds like things are, you know, not fine. There seem to be a lot of issues." 

Kim Kardashian came to her husband's defense and shared a statement that addressed bipolar disorder. 

The KKW Beauty mogul described her husband as a "brilliant but complicated person" who is pressurized because he's a black man and artist. 

"Those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words sometimes do not alight with his tension," Kim wrote in her Instagram Stories.

She asked the public and the media for "compassion and empathy." 

Last week, Kanye West went on a tweeting spree and told his millions of followers that he has been trying to divorce Kim Kardashian for two years since she met with co-rapper Meek Mill to discuss prison reform at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. 

On Saturday, the "Jesus Walks" rapper posted an apology to his wife on Twitter, acknowledging that he knew he hurt her. 

"I did not cover her as she has covered me. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me," Kanye tweeted. 

An insider told Us Weekly that the SKIMS Creator was "distraught with Kanye for talking about their personal life and making matters that are personal to them and their family public." 

Another source told the publication that the Kardashian-Jenner family and some of their close friends were concerned about Kanye. 

After apologizing to Kim, TMZ reported that Kanye West went to a Wyoming hospital but stayed inside for 10 minutes. 

According to reports, many people were waiting for the rapper and was immediately put off by the crowd and left abruptly. 

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