Meghan Markle Insensitive: Own Father Criticized Her 'Whining at The Wrong Time'

Meghan Markle's father has spoken up about the royal biography and the possibility that it will contain complaints about what they had went through back in the UK. According to him, Meghan Markle would be such a whiner at a bad time if the book contains the suffering she and Prince Harry went through.

"Finding Freedom" is certainly causing reactions already way ahead of its publication and distribution. Not only is it raising speculations that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be permanently barred from returning the UK, it is also raising speculations that the two never intended to return anyway, no matter what they have told the Queen

Now, it is causing a father to call her daughter, insensitive. Thomas Markle said he does not really appreciate what Meghan Markle has become at the moment. More so when there's news that "Finding Freedom" would lay bare the tensions and hardships of his daughter while with the royal family. Instead of empathizing with his daughter, he braded her s a whiner and complainer, something one should not be when the world is plunged into. pandemic. 

Sharing his opinions from his home in Rosario, Mexico, he told The Sun: 'This is the worst time in the world for them to be whining and complaining about anything - because people everywhere are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic."

He added that no matter how much he loves Meghan Markle since she is her daughter, he cannot find it in him to appreciate her.

One o the hot contents inside the book is allegedly Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rejecting the idea of getting aid to protect Thomas Markle as the coverage of their romance intensified was already heartbreaking to learn by the father. He called it such an "incredible news."

This is not only thing found on the book that is set to be released on August 11. The book also allegedly claims that Meghan Markle has deep-seethed anger against her father and is not talking to him because he failed to attend her wedding.

The book will detail how Meghan even became desperate for him to be on her big day, leaving dozens of messages. She would even offer him a car to take him to LA airport where he can fly to London. Finding Freedom would also detail how Thomas stopped answering the messages after Meghan phoned him over 20 times, adding insult to the injury. 

But Meghan Markle failed and even really gotten over that disappointment. In reality though, Thomas Markle was said to have not attended the wedding because of heart issues. he even at one time, accused the media for causing him a heart attack because he got stressed in dealing with them. 

Also, the father-son duo never really gotten to patching things up while Meghan Markle's mom has moved in with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during the lockdown to have more time with her grandchild, Baby Archie. IT remains to be seen if Thomas Markle's views would have an impact on Meghan Markle or everything is just too late now. 

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