A Robin Williams documentary has come to town. Entitled "Robin's Wish," it detailed the devastating condition that not only frightened the actor but even the medical professionals.

According to Express UK, Robin Williams has confessed in his final months that he is no longer himself. A Neurology professor said the condition was so bad he is amazed that the actor could even walk. 

The new documentary involves Susan Schneider, Robin Williams' wife, the actor's colleagues, and medical experts who came by his case - all talking bout the difficult last months the kind actor and well-loved comedian underwent. They called him a "freaking warrior."

These were all hidden, so Robin Williams truly suffered in secret from the public eye. It's presently being aired out to the public in the form of a documentary, however, so that people can become more understanding of what the "Aladdin" and "Mrs Doubtfire" actor had gone through. ti won't be nice to see or hear, but it would certainly be informative. 

At the very least, it will erase some of the wrong reports about why he died. Some still believe that he died because he had addiction issues leading him to commit suicide. The detailed accounts of his last days would erase all doubts on people's heads that he was suffering from a little-known form of dementia called Lewy Body Dementia. This has some harrowing effects that even professionals are gravely worried about. 

Back in 2014, his death was ruled a suicide, but there were no clarifications as to why he would take his own life, leading to many speculations. 

A Professor of Neurology, Bruce Miller, shared that,  "Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) increases anxiety, self-doubt... delusions that have never been present in someone.... It really amazed me that Robin could walk or move at all."

Adding to this scary information, the documentary also has his wife saying nearly every region of the actor's brain was under attack. As a result, he felt himself disintegrating and yet regardless of all the pain and probably panic within, he still managed to battle his inner turmoils and put forward a brave face. 

"He was a freaking warrior. He was blessed with what his heart was capable of, in the midst of fear," Susan shared.

Williams' wife added that putting a brave face certainly was not easy because he was not losing his memories, he was also dealing with all sorts of disorders simultaneously. He was "confronted with anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, scary altered realities, and a roller coaster of hope and despair," Susan detailed. 

She added that it was not until her husband died that the condition was ever revealed. She said that their medical team has relentlessly pursued cures for symptoms but never really attained any gain. When Robin passed, and an autopsy was finally performed, the source of his terror was a terror for medical professionals themselves. 

The realization of what he had may come too late, but Susan said it finally made sense what Robin Williams went through because it all matched with science. To help people avoid the same lack of understanding and awareness, they believe a documentary is necessary. Hence, Robin's Wish."