Dua Lipa is not just about innovating her music and fashion, but also reinventing herself out of music. The pop star recently entered the world of hosting after acting as guest host at the "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

In her monologue, the 24-year-old performer introduced herself as the singer responsible for the popular TikTok songs listened by every kid a thousand times to perfect the dance moves.

"You know that song your kid listened to, like, 5,000 times trying to perfect dance on TikTok? That was me. You're welcome. And I'm sorry," Dua explained.

Since Jimmy Kimmel is on vacation, the singer took over the show reacting to hilarious TikTok clips and interviewing her equally talented performer, Gwen Stefani.

However, in one segment, the "New Rules" hitmaker had a heartbreaking realization about the weight of her fame.

Who-a Lipa?

In an attempt to reach a wider age-group pf audience, Dua Lipa decided to reach out to senior citizens by pretending to be surveying about music and the singer Dua Lipa in particular.

In the segment called "Who-a Lipa?" the singer was barely in disguise and her total self as he conducts a virtual interview among elderly people and asks them a question about pop music, Dua Lipa, and her songs.

The hilarious interview started by asking the elderly one-by-one to describe pop music in general, to which all of the respondents are completely clueless about. When asked who Dua Lipa is, the seniors were not even familiar with the name.

The "IDGAF" singer decided to play her music and ask for feedback from her interviewees. Dua players "Break My Heart" on the background, and surprisingly, some of the elders could not help but groove to the music.

When asked if they think the singer could do well in the music industry, one elder female said: "I don't know, she might do well on TikTok!"

The singer also showed the elders a photo of herself wearing skimpy outfits in one of her live shows, which gained massive reactions from the seniors.

"That's terrible! If I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her to go out in that," a female interviewee said.

"It looks like she's trying too hard," another one added.

Meanwhile, Dua Lipa attempted to get a commendation from the elders by asking them to say, "Dua Lipa is the greatest pop star in history," or "Dua Lipa is a million times better than Frank Sinatra," to which the elders refused to do.

The Big Reveal

Before saying goodbye to her new friends, the singer decided to introduce herself as Dua Lipa.

The elders' reaction was so priceless, especially the lady who criticized her outfit and the guy who said that he is going to buy the artist's CD right after the interview.

The last guy also went crazy upon realizing that he is talking to a pop star but was overwhelmingly happy although he thought he was pranked.

Watch the hilarious clip below for some good vibes.

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