Naya Rivera's sudden death is a shock to most, devastating to many. But if there is one person who would be truly devastated by the tragedy, it would be her 4-year-old son. Some would say it's too young for him to feel real grief, but no child should lose a parent like that so early.

Good thing, though, that dad Ryan Dorsey is making sure that their child, Josey is okay. Dorsey and the rest of Rivera's family are also making sure the actress's memory would stay alive in the toddler. Exactly one month after Naya Rivera's passing, it is said that the family is not yet done with grieving. But do family really, ever? When someone died so suddenly?

A source told ET that the whole month has been unbelievably difficult for the entire family and other loved ones. But Rivera's son is doing better day by day, with the help of his father. Ryan has truly stepped up in his role. Even though in the past, regardless of his soured relationship with Naya Rivera, he made sure to be present in his child's life, the present circumstances are so much different. Apart from keeping his son strong amid the difficult time, Ryan himself is becoming stronger because he knows his child needs him.

"Ryan's whole world is Josey right now," the source says. "Ryan is still grieving and is very much struggling with the loss of Naya, but he stays strong and keeps going for the sake of his son." If he's involved now, he's literally present all the time now, just to see Josey become better. 

"Ryan would do anything for Josey," notes the source. "Right now, he's really laying low and staying out of the public eye so he can completely focus on Josey and try to figure out how to navigate this new normal."

Apart from being there for the child, he is also teaching his son how to cope with the death of her mother at such a young age. Josey was with his mom when the tragedy happened, with reports later showing that her mom saved him before she drowned.

It may be an unconventional method for some, but Ryan Dorsey deems this is good for the child. According to the source, Dorsey and his son talk about Naya Rivera every day.

While other families who experienced such a tragedy, would rather not talk about the loved one they have lost, Dorsey and Josey do not. The whole family wants to make sure that Josey has good memories of his late mother. Although, given Naya Rivera's great stint on the "Glee" and other shows, forgetting her would be next to impossible. Her Glee co-stars have certainly grieved her passing, since she was such a great co-star. Jane Lynch recently said she was a force of nature, in the most positive way. 

Of course, the kid does not really care that his mom is an actress, and the family wants him to feel that Naya Rivera is still part of his life, even though she is no longer physically is.

They allow Josey to ask questions, and they answer all of them, no matter how difficult these questions are. As a result, even though the family is still deeply grieving, they are suddenly seeing better days. It was a tragedy, but it's not something they are going to be stuck on. They are now occasional laughter and feelings of lightness. The source added that Naya Rivera would certainly be proud of her son since he is really growing up strong.