Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been exclusively dating since March, and their relationship is going stronger than ever.

The couple is always spotted engulfed in some extreme PDA, always laughing in paparazzi pictures, looking so in love and happy with each other.

However, the Cuban beauty is said to be worried for her boyfriend. 

Affleck has had a party lifestyle and has suffered years of alcohol addiction. Even after he has fully recovered and has become a new man, de Armas isn't taking any chances. 

The "Knives Out" star is keeping a very close eye on her beau. According to the grapevine who spoke to Heat, "Ana is very aware of Ben's past, and even though they're head over heels right now, she doesn't think for a second he's looking to meet anyone else."

The source revealed how Ana de Armas described Ben Affleck having a "thrill-seeking, playboy side."

It has been claimed that the 32-year-old sultry star is happy to let the "Batman v Superman" actor spend time with his friends and three kids, who he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. 

However, Ben Affleck reportedly has been asked by Ana de Armas to always come home at nine on the dot every night. 

"There's wariness on Ana's part because she knows he's a major flirt who loves a bit of attention."

The insider added that recent pictures of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner have only added to her worries that he could go off the rails.

"Ana's keeping an extremely close eye on the situation with Jen, too. She's worried that her beach date with Bradley could have been a ploy to make Ben jealous."

The unnamed source further claimed that the "Bond" girl "knows she's probably reading too much into it, and Ben and Jen would never do anything."

However, it still worries her since she knows that Affleck's soulmate was Garner for over a decade. 

"For now, Ana's banning Ben from any late nights at Jen's." 

And maybe Ana de Armas has something to be worried about after all. 

Star Magazine has also reported that though Ben Affleck is happily dating de Armas, he still bristles at the news of his ex-wife Garner and her best friend, Bradley Cooper. 

Even though the "Daredevil" star is into deep with de Armas, insiders told the magazine that he still feels a tinge of jealousy at the thought of Cooper and Garner potentially hooking up. 

"He was always a little jealous of Jen and Bradley's connection during their 'Alias' time together," and added, "So he's not exactly applauding this."

The insider added how Affleck is planning to oversee the situation, and at the same time, is fully aware that he is not in the position to judge. 

"There's nothing he can say because Jen's been so cool about his love affair with Ana." 

Jennifer Garner has recently broken up with a boyfriend of two years, John Miller. According to reports, the two broke up because the "13 Going on 30" actress is not ready to settle down yet.

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