Recently, the world is reminded of how they tragically lost such an actor and comedian in Robin Williams. The documentary "Robin's Wish" revealed the real cause of his death even though he was the one who took his own life. 

What people would see on that documentary would make them want to apologize for their wrong assumptions and judgements about his death, six years past. Imagine the actor crying and saying he can no longer be funny and act? That's tragic! 

As the documentary would show, his last few days on Earth were certainly not pleasant. However, it would also reveal that he was a bonafide hero, someone who did not complain about what he was going through even though it was a journey that scares even the health experts

One thing's for sure though: the documentary can be quite heavy. So heavy that fans can forget what a great comedian he was and just have pity pouring out their hands for their fallen celebrity. 

This should not be the case. His wife even said that the documentary is meant to not just inform but also leave a legacy of her husband. 

Should people want somehting to remember the actor by, his disease called Lewy Body Dementia should not be the first to come to their minds. Instead, it should be his precious films. His movies were never just comedies. They had tinges of drama that no actors can deliver as well as Robin Williams. 

These films not only made him a household name, but they also brightened up each and every household with a fan on it too. If you suddenly feel inclined to watch or re-watch his films on Netflix, Amazon or other streaming sites, then these are our top three (out of the many great films he made). You might even have some of these films on VCD or DVD. We certainly have.

Dead Poets Society (1989) 

In this notable Robin Williams movie that turned classic, the late actor plays John Keating, an English teacher who inspired his students to love poems. Through the Dead Poets Society, and Keating's excellent guidance, the students' lives changed.

It is a mix of comedy-drama, something Williams is known for. The film is one of the earliest works of the actor and also one of the most notable. If you want to watch it and see Keating's magic, you can stream it on Amazon, ITunes or Google Play. We're still hoping it will be placed on Netflix.

Jumanji (1995) 

Now this is on Netflix, good thing. If you do not have Netflix, you can also stream it on Amazon, Itunes, and Google Play. It is apparent that this is truly one of the finer Robin Williams movie since there was a resurge in its popularity in 2017 when it was remade. This was even followed by a sequel in 2019. 

Still, the original is a tough one to beat, and quite a childhood favorite for many. Williams stars as the funny guy trapped inside a board for a total of 26 years. He was accidentally released by two children playing the game. To stop chaos that ensued by his release, they have to find the other original player.

Naturally, with Williams in the fray, the adventure became an extra funny and exciting one. 

It's still worth watching for kids today, who may or may not know the actor.

Good Will Hunting (1997) 

Now this a good Robin Williams movie. It's a drama that revolves around Will Hunting. Hunting is a janitor at a recognized institute, but certainly not an ordinary one. He has a gift for mathematics, but because life is certainly not fair, he did not have the chance to hone it or use it.

Moreover, because life can sometimes suck, his gift for mathematics certainly does not mean he has the ability to find his way in life. In fact, he gets into so much trouble for some of his poor decisions and only got the chance to turn his life around with the help of a psychiatrist, one of the few who believed in him.

The psychiatrist, Sean, is played by Williams. He may not be the main protagonist, but it is in here that he was truly able to showcase that he can take on more serious roles. Plus, his role is pivotal in Hunting's life is noteworthy. Without him believing in the janitor, the latter would not be able to transform his life.

You can stream it on Amazon, ITunes or Google Play.

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