Just when we though 2020 quarantine couldn't get any better, the OG lockdown entertainer Netflix just dropped the trailer of their latest movie offering "Enola Holmes," featuring one of their very own homegrown talents, Millie Bobby Brown.

On Tuesday, the streaming giant posted the mystery-adventure film trailer based on Nancy Springer's novel "The Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery." The movie focuses on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes' sister, Enola Holmes.

While the film is scheduled to release a month from now (September 23, 2020), fans of the "Strangers Thing" star could not help but excited for this new role for the actress.

The Plot

The trailer started with the introduction of Enola Holmes through Brown's narration. The film would presumably be taken from her perspective throughout the movie. Enola gave some trivia about her self, including her unique name and bond with her mother, Eudoria Holmes.

Eudoria taught her lots of skills, which will be useful when the Holmes matriarch vanishes without a trace. Enola quickly embarks on her sleuthing-adventure, but since she is a newbie, she decided to get the help of her brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock.

But because Enola lacks a crucial skill of acting like a lady, she decided to run away from her brothers and continue searching on her own. She was able to outwit her famous brother and unravel the mystery behind her mother's sudden disappearance.


The Cast

Fans are not the only ones excited to see Millie Bobby Brown playing a different role on Netflix. In a press release, Brown said that she loves how Enola Homes is very vulnerable yet able to fight back.

"I admire her courage and her strength. She goes to pretty dark places, but she never gives up. It's a big journey for her," Brown said.

"She's quite naïve and comes up against forces that are way beyond her. So she has to find her own resources, her own voice even when there is no one around to help her," she added.

Apart from Brown, fans were also particularly excited about Henry Cavill's portrayal of the famous genius detective, Sherlock Holmes. In the trailer, the 37-year-old actor's presence is sending fireworks of energy, especially with his incredibly gorgeous hair.

Cavill looks entirely different, playing Sherlock Homes as viewers are used to seeing him play Geralt of Rivia sporting his long blonde locks, from the hit Netflix series "The Witcher." He is also known for his role as Superman/ Clark Kent in Warner Bros.' DC Universe.

Everybody's favorite Princess Margaret portrayer Helena Bonham Carter is back on screen to play the role of Enola's mother. The 54-year-old actress' wit and versatile acting skills will surely be a great addition to the mystery-packed film.

Meanwhile, playing as Enola's other brother, Mycroft Holmes, is Sam Claflin. The 34-year-old actor is famous for his roles in movies such as "Me Before You," "Love, Rosie," and "The Hunger Games."

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