Halle Berry goes where most women her age are told not to go. But doing so makes her message about self-love all the more convincing. 

On Thursday, the notable actress put out a message that has to be said repeatedly for her 6.5 million followers.

"Self-love is never selfish," Berry wrote. To make the message even more convincing, the actress added a stunning portrait of herself.

Any portrait would do, but she had to go up and beyond herself and post a topless picture on her Instagram. The actress was sitting on the floor showing off her toned arms and upper body. Her face was turned away from the camera toward herself, which artistically drives in the message of loving oneself. 

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Self-love is never selfish. A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on Aug 27, 2020 at 11:02am PDT

The photo comes a day after reports surfaced claiming that Berry wants to rush her divorce. Allegedly, Berry filed to represent herself in her divorce case with ex Olivier Martinez

Berry and Martinez already filed for divorce in October 2015, but the case failed to move forward. Not because they are changing their minds, but because of the slow paperwork. This present move by the actress showed that she personally wants to see the separation through. 

She shares one son with Martinez, Maceo, 6. 

It is not typical for women above their 50s (heck, above 30s and 40s) to post pictures wherein the focus is them and only them. This is not because women, in general, do not like to. Somehow, society has ingrained in women that self-love is selfish, and women at certain ages cease to be even lovable.

Sadly, some women are even inclined to bash other women for showing an ounce of self-love. Some women might even be the first ones to say negative things about other women's pictures with any sign of self-promotion -- like it is a crime.

Good thing for Berry though, it appears that she no longer cares. Moreover, the majority of the comments on the post were positive. It is a good sign that the world is indeed moving into a new direction where self-love is deemed important. 

"WOW," fellow "Catwoman" Zoe Kravitz commented. 

In addition, actress Kim Fields wrote: " Stunning quiet power & grace. ♥️"

One commenter was obviousay inspired, writing: "I love it...that's my new mission in life,self-love.I can't pour into anyone else if my cup is empty."

Back in April, Halle Berry also showed that she no longer feels the need to do things based on societal pressure. When she opened up about why she is still single following her divorce from ex, she explained that this is her choice alone. 

|I no longer feel the need for a relationship, so I don't feel the need to rush or accept something that's not totally right for me," the Oscar-winning actress said at the time. 

She explained that although she personally loves relationships, she wants to spend time with herself now. Berry added that her children makes her happy. 

The "Extant" actress did not say she was shunning relationships though. Instead, Berry believes that by loving herself first and getting to know who she truly is, she would have a better chance of attracting someone who is and feels right for her. 

Isn't this the lesson that all women should learn? 

This new photo might break the Internet, but it is not the first time Berry posted something sexy. Earlier this month, she made sure her birthday is memorable despite the pandemic by posting a picture of herself in a sexy, strappy bikini. 

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