Melania Trump Exposed: Subtle But Obvious Sign She DESPISES Ivanka Trump

Reports of Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump's rivalry is nothing new. However, a body language expert describes how the First Lady really feels about her step-daughter.

US President Donald Trump's wife not only made headlines recently for her "green screen dress," she was also caught on camera in an intimidating and cold exchange with Ivanka, who serves as an advisor to her dad at the Republican National Convention on Thursday.

The video shows how the 38-year-old businesswoman walked across the stage, and her step-mom met her gaze and flashed her with a huge smile.

Once Ivanka was out of her sight, Melania's smile quickly dropped.

Body language expert Judi James spoke to The Mirror UK to explain what that awkward exchanged and how the FLOTUS really feels about Ivanka.

According to James, what Melania Trump did was a "lightning smile," a smile that flashes across the face and then a few moments later, vanishes without a trace, "just like a streak of lightning."


James noted how the "lightning smile" has been a signature thing for Melania, leading to speculation about her true feelings for Ivanka and her husband.

She added, "A genuine smile prompted by happiness or pleasure takes time to perform and erase, often starting with a softened eye expression, before moving to the cheeks and then the mouth, and t tends to die in reverse order."

The expert explained that people actually feel guilty doing that mainly smile even if nobody sees it.

However, a "lightning smile" is also called a "fake smile."

"Melania puts so much effort into this wide smile at Ivanka that the fall-off in expression to something that looks unhappy and almost alarmed will naturally create a dramatic response in her audience."

The next few steps happened that as soon as Ivanka was out of her sight, Melania Trump dropped her smile. Her mouth's left portion was notably to crash down first and then later followed by the rest of her mouth.

James added that her eye expression has also lost its warmth.

But just as soon as she noticed what she did, Melania made an effort to put back a small smile by lifting her mouth's corners.

"If she reads social media, she must have been aware of the comments over the Lightning Smile she threw at her husband on his inauguration."

The answer to the million-dollar question, does Melania Trump despise Ivanka Trump?

"These types of smiles can easily suggest an inner dislike of the person they are being aimed at, but there can be other reasons for them."

One reason could be caused by facial muscles, which could also be possible since Melania Trump has known to have done several procedures on her face.

But with the upcoming book that is set to detail the pair's rivalry says the same thing.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former adviser of the First Lady, wrote in her book about "Operation Block Ivanka" to minimize Ivanka Trump's presence in the inauguration.

"It was Donald's inauguration, not Ivanka's. but no one was brave enough to tell her that."

In her book, she detailed, "Melania was not thrilled about Ivanka's steering the schedule and would not allow it."

This later led to "Operation Block Ivanka" to ensure that TV cameras would not show the First Daughter on the inauguration stage during the ceremony's essential moments.

"Melania was in on this mission. But in our minds, Ivanka shouldn't have made herself the center of attention in her father's inauguration."

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