Robin Williams had some really tough days before he died, which are revealed only completely in a documentary released this year, "Robin's Wish." But before the sad turn, he was one of those who made sure people feeling depressed and pained could laugh and forget their troubles.

That is what he precisely did for Sharon Osbourne. He made her laugh as she battled colon cancer, even dropping everything just to be with her. 

It saved her. 

In the first-ever podcast of the Osbourne family, Sharon Osbourne's health battle was brought to light. It certainly was a tough time for all, most especially for the one experiencing the disease.

"It was not a very fun time at all for anyone. Probably the least amount of fun for Mom," Jack Osbourne revealed. 

At one point, Sharon no longer cared about having chemotherapy, particularly when she saw her hair falling out. 

"Mom was lying in this bedroom that she had curtained off. It was pitch black," Sharon's daughter, Kelly, detailed the troubling time. "She hadn't gotten out of bed for like a week. Mom's dog had to go to the hospital because she was dehydrated. Mom was dehydrated. And we couldn't get her to go back to finish the chemo."

It was hard to imagine what children would do in such circumstances. Children of people with cancer rarely know what to do to ease the pain of their parents. They know it would be futile, so some of them either try just to ignore the ailing parent or act extra cheerful, which can rub the patient the wrong way.

Good thing though, Ozzy Osbourne has the bright idea of seeking Robin Williams' help. Ozzy believes that laughter is the best medicine. But because they wanted something or someone truly funny, instead of trying their hand at comedy and risk irking Sharon, they sought the help of the veteran comedian. Kelly said he just might be the reason why Sharon is still alive. 

Williams just dropped everything to do to help despite the fact that he was a busy person as well. He did not even think of rejecting the idea and claiming it is ineffective before he tried it. He was willing to be able to ease Sharon's pain. 

"He just dropped everything. Came over to the house. Got in bed with Mom. I just remember sitting at the bottom of the stairs and we went from crying, not knowing what to do, to peeing ourselves laughing because we could hear Mom upstairs in her room laughing with Robin," Kelly shared. 

This did not mean that laughing caused her cancer to go away. What it did was give Sharon her fighting spirit and hope back. 

"The next day it changed everything and Mom went back to chemo," Kelly added.

For her part, Sharon Osbourne knew what Robin Williams was able to do for her. Apart from this, he was just truly a nice person that Sharon admired. She described him as one of the most genuine and nicest persons she ever met. 

Unfortunately, however, the good soul had enough of his disease in 2014 when he committed suicide after a battle with Lewy Body Dementia -- a condition he was only diagnosed with when he already died. He was 63

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