Zac Efron Girlfriend: 3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Vanessa Valladares

Who would have thought Zac Efron would get into a relationship once more with his ex's namesake? Rumor has it that he is now together with Vanessa, but not Vanessa Hudgens.

Meet Vanessa Valladares -- Zac Efron's girlfriend or at least that's what the rumors say. If it's the only time you have heard of the name, don't worry, you are not alone.

With that said, we did some digging on Zac's alleged new girl and found three interesting things about her aside from having the same name as his ex.

She Is an Aspiring Model

Vanessa's IG account would show some of her modeling shots. She's an Australian beauty who may not yet be a famous model, but her portfolio so far is quite impressive.

Valladares already posed for brands like RCVA, Spell, Love Street, and more

Vanessa Is Hardworking and Spiritual

Zac Efron's girlfriend does not need any man to look after her. She can work and she certainly believes in herself. 

Vanessa was a waitress when Zac met her for the first time back in July. This shows that as she pushes for her dream of becoming a hot-shot model, she is working hard to make sure her ends are met. 

Besides, Vanessa loves to travel -- which means funds should be ample. She has already visited Jaipur and Indonesia and was scheduled to travel to Africa when the pandemic ruined almost all people's plans. 

Vanessa is a self-assured girl, obviously. This can probably be attributed to her being spiritual. On her Instagram where she posts pretty and sexy pictures, that can be felt. 
She constantly posts inspirational messages to encourage people to love themselves as well.

She captioned one photo with, "From what perspective are you looking at the world... you have the power to make this life a wonderful adventure."

On another picture, she wrote: "Hear the jazz playing and the birds wake, let the rising sun soak the room and we'll seize the day."

Zac Efron's Girlfriend Wants Him To Know She's in love

While their relationship is still a rumor that needs to be confirmed, it has been reported that Vanessa has turned her life upside down just to be with the actor.

She left her waitressing job to spend more time with Zac. Additionally, she and Efron already went on a skiing trip together. She got Zac so hooked to her that there are allegations that Efron is already looking for a home in Byron Beach.

Zac was able to place a bid for one, located in the area where Chris Hemsworth lives. Unfortunately, he lost the bid. 

Upon losing though, the actor canceled his flight back to Los Angeles just to stay in Australia longer.

Earlier on, Efron confirmed to news outlets that he is not in Australia for work. Whether or not it is true that he is settling in the Land Down Under for good remains to be seen.

Weirdly though, when it was reported that Efron was spotted kissing a "brunette waitress," Daily Mail UK said he could not be seeing this woman, as Efron is in a long-term relationship with actress Halston Sage. There are no reports of them having broken up.

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