Chris Evans Nude Sparks Double Standards Debate: 'This is Nasty!''

The internet trying to "help" Chris Evans after he accidentally posted a nude photo may be nice and all that - but people are noticing the double standard. When do women, including female celebrities, receive help when they accidentally posted nudes of themselves? Even if someone without authority posted their pictures, women are most likely to be judged and ridiculed.

Where's the help?

Chris Evans trended on Twitter for sharing a picture of his private organ, and while there was some fanfare at the beginning, fans were quick to make sure the picture does not get circulated. 

The "Captain America" star shared a video on his Instagram Stories showing him playing the charades game "Heads Up" on September 12. Since it is a video of the hunky actor, it is no surprise that people were not just casually watching it. They were probably intent on the video when they got the shock of their lives. Because the video turned out to be a screen recording, it immediately went to the camera roll when it ended, There, fans catch a glimpse of an X-rated photo of the actor where his manhood can be seen.

The camera roll also showed another NSFW photo - a meme of Evans with the statement "Guard that p*ssy" clearly visible. 

The photo quickly went viral. But on its heels is another post that went viral - a pseudo-campaign to help Evans out. Fans were called to post photos of him with his dog so that everyone's timelines get cleansed, and they are treated instead to a picture of Evans looking..well, clean.

That's a great support system he has there, but one just cannot help what would have happened if it's a girl whose private photo accidentally get leaked out like that. One can imagine that instead of fans rallying behind the actor, fans would also be quick to say bad things about the girl. The photo would not be stopped on its tracks, and no one's timelines will be cleansed - instead' the photo will probably reach each every person in this planet. It's an exaggeration, but it's not that farfetched. In the end, most women would even find themselves saying sorry, even if they do not need to when it is their privacy that was compromised.

Chris Evans did not even have to say anything for help to come in. He deserves it though, to be shown that kind of decency and love, as all people should be. Unfortunately, most female celebrities are not likely to receive the same protection when they land in such a fiasco. 

Twitters users CERTAINLY noticed the double standard.

@Catilyn wrote, "Chris Evans accidentally leaks his own nudes and everyone spams with pics of him and his dogs to protect his privacy...any female celebrity has their nudes leaked without consent and they're shared and re-shared and they're slut-shamed and body shamed...the double standard y'all."


On the other hand, some fans claimed that the double standard works the other way around. Had it been a woman, people would be screaming that females are not objects and should not be objectified. Those who are angry Chris Evans is getting the protection that any human deserves are therefore the ones who cannot see the point. They cannot see that most males are being objectified without people stepping in and helping. 

Chris Evans is hardly the enemy though. He's a strong ally of feminists and would probably be the first to step up and defend a woman if her photo got leaked. 

Regardless of what side a person is though, the bottom line is that no one's nude photo should be shared - deliberately or accidentally uploaded, man or woman. 

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