Usher revealed something people do but probably won't tell. In an interview, he bared things like he never bared in the past. 

In an interview with and WPGC's Poet, Usher was quite open in sharing things about himself and his work.

Apparently, the singer does most of his Zoom calls without his pants. Since he's Usher and people really cannot see, it's hard to say anything bad about that. 

Usher Verzus Rumors

Then the singer puts the Usher Verzus rumors circulated around for quite some time to rest. 

While he did not say no to being involved in the internet's favorite Hip Hop battle, he did not say yes either. His response is actually kind of lackluster, but at least it's not an outright rejection.  "Hey look, you guys enjoy the music," he said, adding that as far as Verzuz is concerned, he's "cool for right now.

Usher Bad Habits 

Afterward, he touched on deeper topics - like what his habits are and whether these should be shared to one's partner in the first place.

According to him, his bad habits include dishonesty, temptation, fear and infidelity. These are QUITE serious bad habits, but the singer did not think of hiding them. If he can share his bad habits with the public, it's not that surprising that he encourages people to open up to their partners about their bad habits too.

"It's better when it's instigated by two people who are responsible adults, who can just be on their shit, you know what I mean? And say, 'look, this is what I've been through, this is who I am, this is my life. Take it or leave it, this is who I am, but it's not who I want to be. And in this relationship, I'm trying to better myself," he shared. "Learning boundaries is definitely important. And understanding that bad habits can either make you better or they can keep you stuck where you are. It's your choice.
 he added. 

Usher in Las Vegas

He then talked about his upcoming Las Vegas residency. Usher said that he was seriously contemplating it, but the pandemic put a halt into his plans. He believes that if its going to be done, it's going to be epic, so people should now save the dates and save their money. Usher explained that $1 from each ticket sold would go to his foundation and then Caesars Palace would be matching it. 

It was early this month when Usher announced that he is headed towards Caesars Palace for a Las Vegas residency in 2021. Tickets went on sale starting September 10. He told Billboard magazine that he could not wait to perform for an audience already. He said he wants to be with his fans who were cooped up for months already. 

He also shared that a residency would be different from a concert tour because he can be much more intimate with his audience. Usher joins the list of big names who had their residency in Las Vegas. Other known performers who had entered Sin City included but are not limited to Celine Dion, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Backstreet Boys.   

Watch the whole interview below: 


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