After successfully launching her new studio album, Alicia Keys opens up about one of the most-raved songs on the tracklist featuring Jill Scott.

In an interview with Big Tigger fro Atlanta's V-103 RADIO.COM, the American singer-songwriter said she was on her "most-vulnerable" state while working on her self-titled album "ALICIA."

The 39-year-old R&B star confessed that she learned more about herself, and she's "gotten so much more open to expressing all the sides," during the process of creating the album. It is the very reason why she decided to name the album after herself.

"You know you have your personality that you put forth the most, but then there's all these different other sides of you that maybe you don't know as well, or you don't take as much time to get into... or you're scared of," Alicia said.

Despite having her name on the record, Alicia Keys' new album is not just all about herself. In fact, she let other artists shine through some of the collaborations.

Jill Scott feat. Jill Scott

Talking about the most raved track on the list, Alicia Keys revealed that the song featuring Jill Scott was inspired after the successful "Verzuz" battle between Jill and Erykah Badu. The singer reveals that she was so amazed by their performance that she had to call and congratulate Jill.

The phone conversation birthed to their epic collaboration, which truly highlighted Jill Scott's talent.

Alicia talks about how she fangirled over the Verzuz battle and told Jill she couldn't believe they have not made any music together. That is why while she was working on a perfect song for the album, she immediately felt that Jill has to take apart.

The singer gave the full spotlight to the 48-year-old singer by naming her the famous track. Alicia also shared how Jill reacted when she realized that their collaboration was called "Jill Scott ft. Jill Scott" on the album.

"She just saw the title, I think yesterday, she texted me last night and said 'Wait, you called it Jill Scott featuring Jill Scott? You immortalized me' I said, 'no, you immortalized yourself, sis!'"

Women Empowerment

During the interview, Big Tigger did not let the opportunity pass without asking Alicia about her advocacy of not wearing makeup. The radio host quizzed the singer if she is strictly not wearing makeup, which somehow boots women's empowerment.

The "I Ain't Got You" hitmaker explained that not wearing makeup is not just an image she is trying to project, but also a personal journey in knowing herself and what she represents.

"We as women, we get to do whatever we want. Do what you feel good doing. Express yourself how you need to express yourself. Live. Live the way you want. There's no limits on me; there's no limits on you," the singer said.

Alicia first made headlines for embracing the no-makeup look when she attended the 2019 Grammys with a totally bare face.

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