The Emmys 2020 awards show is like no other. As the COVID-19 compelled people to stay home and stop physical interactions with others, the awards show made sure it would not be forced to cancel the awarding -- thereby pushing it to go virtual.

It is therefore not surprising that some massive shakeups occurred.  Beyond who took home awards and titles and those who did not, the Emmys 2020 also has othrr winning moments.

Below are three of the winning moments of the Emmys 2020 Awards night:

PopTV's Schitt's Creek Got Its Recognition, Finally

"Schitt's Creek" did not just win. Instead, it became the first comedy series ever to sweep seven categories presented.

Before their awards haul, there's a sense that it is an underrated show that is only getting attention from a niche audience. With this massive recognition, its image stands to change.

This is also the show that is frequently recommended for anyone who wants comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that it is recognized now means it is doing its job well.

Chadwick Boseman's Recognition and Tribute

Chadwick Boseman passed way suddenly after a four-year fight against cancer.

Sure enough, fans were left reeling after the devastating news.

The actor did not share his cancer diagnosis. Instead, he chose to work harder, entering the MCU franchise as Black Panther.

Although Boseman has nothing to do with television appearances, which is what the Emmys 2020 is all about, the fact that he is honored here meant he truly touched many people. That's still a win for his fans. 

Friends Fans -- Legit Winners!

Friends fans got an eyeful when the three well-loved cast -- Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox -- made a surprise appearance at Emmys 2020.

Aniston was a best actress nominee, so it was not surprising for her to be there.

But the ever-generous actress certainly made sure viewers would have some fun with this virtual awards show by inviting her "Friends" friends over.

As Aniston chatted with Kimmel during one segment in the middle of the show, a familiar figure suddenly popped out.

"Oh! Courtney's there?" asked Kimmel after spotting Cox.

"Of course I'm here, we live together!" replied Cox.

"Yeah, we've been roommates since 1994 Jimmy, hello?" added Aniston.

Even if those lines were rehearsed or kind of dopey, a true "Friends" fan would not mind. And to make things so much more fun, Phoebe also wandered into the video, promptly making the Internet world a bit crazy.

"Lisa Kudrow, you live there too?!" asked Kimmel in a state of disbelief. "Uhh... yeah? Where else would I live?" the star replied.


BONU: Biggest Losers -- Those Who Suffered Awkward Losses 

Nominees who did not win in the normal Emmys events probably felt a tinge of sadness. This year, they have to feel a sense of awkwardness, too. 

Apparently, to orchestrate this year's virtual Emmys better, producers were dispatched to the houses of all the major nominees wearing some crazy protective gear to avoid the deadly virus. Winners would receive knock at their door when their names are announced so that they can get their Emmys live. But for those who lose, they just have to awkwrdly wave goodbye to the producer in their house -- acting as if they were not hurt. Awkward

Remy Youssef captured it all

For what it's worth, those who did not win expressed their wholehearted acceptance of their losses. Christina Applegate, for one, laughed off her Emmys 2020 loss with a funny "loser" photo on her social media.

For us, that's a big win. In the middle of a pandemic, we appreciate artists who can keep the mood light even if they have suffered a big defeat.

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